Friday, July 26, 2013

tom ford ginger fawn


Last month I purchased two Tom Ford lipsticks: the well known Black Orchid and the lesser talked about Ginger Fawn. Today's post is dedicated to the latter. When I first spotted Ginger Fawn in the tube it instantly caught my attention. I proceeded to swatch it and it made me audibly gasp. The shade was fiery without being too fluorescent and the richness of the formula was impressive. I hemmed and hawed on whether or not to get this because even though the color was gorgeous, was it unique? I eventually walked out of the store with this in hand and I'm glad I made the decision to take it home with me.


I know I have said a zillion times that I am not a lipstick girl. But I have to say, when I do wear lipstick I just love an orangey red (and deep berries, but more on this later in the year). I would consider Ginger Fawn to be classified as an orange. There isn't much red to it. It has a SLIGHT pastel quality to it, which worried me as I prefer brighter and bolder hues compared to the muted pastel variety, but this doesn't translate on the lips.


The formula is rich and non-drying at first application. Think a glorified MAC creamsheen and that is what this resembles. It does have glossiness to it but it isn't too distracting. I can see why people love Tom's lipsticks. They are richly pigmented and glide on very creamy. However I do find wear time to be not the best and also it tends to be quite drying with time. For the price point these are at (48 USD), for me they are only worth it for the unique, heart stopping colors in the range. You can get a nude anywhere, you know? And the formula isn't the best of the best. I'm dying to get a hold of Wild Ginger which seems much more red and intense.


Bottom line: gorgeous shade but tends to feel drying with long wear. If you aren't afraid of orange lipsticks give it a swatch in person. If you are afraid of orange lipsticks...give it a swatch in person. It might surprise you! It isn't as flashy as you think. I would think this would be particularly striking against pale skin.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

summer changes: current favorites

I'm not one to do monthly favorites as I think it is unrealistic for me to have a whole new set of items at the end of each month that I can deem as most loved. I also have been TRYING to get into the routine life which makes having monthly favorites even more problematic. That being said, I do randomly get beauty fixations where I reach for certain products and can't seem to deviate towards anything else. And with my frequent encounter with the sun lately, my skin has tanned up causing me to change up my routine. So what have I been loving lately?


Since gaining some color I had to switch up my foundation in order to match me. YSL Teint Resist Foundation not only matches me best at the moment, but it has such great lasting power and oil control. I do have to blot once throughout my day, like normal for my oily skin type, but even so my makeup still stays intact and looks untouched. It has controllable coverage but I would describe it overall as medium. The finish is also really great, not quite matte or dewy, more skin like. Too bad YSL discontinued this as I think it is quite nice.

I have been obsessed with tawny rose blushes lately. They look super natural with my newly tanned skin while adding some depth to my face. The two blushes I keep reaching for is NARS Lovejoy and Rock & Republic Lust. They are similar in color with Lust being a bit rosier than Lovejoy. Lust also requires a bit more blending since it is so pigmented and has a rougher texture. Both have a fine, golden shimmer running throughout it but it isn't noticeable on the skin.

I have been completely ditching my kohl liners in favor of MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, for both lining my lids and waterline. I never used to be bothered with gel liners as they seemed like much more work since you need a brush. But I think once you get a routine down, it isn't much of a hassle. Plus the budge proof results are worth it! This never falls down under my lash line, something I really appreciate since I am used to having to touch up during my day so I don't look raccoon-like. I also like how once applied it doesn't set immediately so I am able to softly smoke out the line if desired.

My go to all over lid shade used to be MAC Brule. Lately I just haven't been feeling it. With my skin color deepening it looked too stark and dull. I switched it out for MAC Arena which suits me MUCH better. It isn't matte like Brule but it also isn't metallic. It has quite a refined shimmer to it that melds into my skin tone beautifully and subtly. I think if you are very cool toned or very pale you might not care for this shade as I would think it would show up too orange on you. If you are medium to dark and warmed skinned, you should check it out! Quite an underrated shadow from MAC.


Face: YSL Teint Resist, Dior Lifting Sculpting Concealer, LM Secret Camouflage, NARS Pressed Light Reflecting Powder, NARS Lovejoy, LM Spellbound

Eyes: MAC Arena, Smashbox Trio in Filter, MAC Tempting, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, Prestige My Blackest Lashes

Lips: Revlon Life's A Peach gloss


What has been your go to summer look lately? Also, I am curious to know what your favorite tawny rose blushes are. Sound off in the comments! I am quite obsessed and would love to hear your top shades...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

009 items I'm lusting over

Time for another episode of items I'm lusting over. What products are currently taking up space in my brain at the moment? Half skincare, half makeup. Surprising to me since my wishlist items used to be all/mostly makeup...

wishlist july 2013

This is one of those items that I feel like I have read about from quite a few blogs that I follow but I can't for the life of me remember who the bloggers are. Recently Sandra did a review but I know I read about it elsewhere. Has anyone else tried this mascara? I am quite curious about Clinique's makeup. I have never tried anything besides a chubby lip stick.

Currently I do not need an eye makeup remover as I have more than half of my bottle of Bioderma left but I am very interested in trying out Clarin's version. I am pretty skeptical when it come to higher end removers. I blame this on Lancome's Bi Facil, which I find mediocre. Still, I can't help but want to see what the hubbub about this is.

I have heard this is very creamy with great coverage and decent lasting power. I plan to pick this up eventually, I just can't justify adding another concealer to my stash since I already have plenty to choose from.

I'm on the hunt to find a moisturizing mask to fill in the third step of the triple threat facial so that I can try out another round. This Origins mask seems to be a universal favorite in the beauty blogging world. I am a bit afraid to try it out because of my oily skin type; I don't want to feel too greasy. But I figure that since it is a 10 minute treatment it shouldn't be too intensive. If you have oily skin and have used this, I'd love to hear your input.

Ugh this item has been the bane of my existence (very dramatic, I know). There are probably about 10 reviews out there that I scolded to myself to avoid reading but I clicked on them anyway because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment. I seriously DO NOT need another highlighter but this keeps popping up in my newsfeed and blogroll making it very hard to resist. It being a limited edition item does not make matters easier since I have a known weakness for LE items. I might check to see if this is at my local Macy's. If it isn't available there I will take that as a sign I wasn't meant to own it.

Cleansing balms are something that I am curious about but am only mildly interested in. I think it is because I love oil cleansers so much and the balm texture seems like more work. I have never used one but was intrigued by the Emma Hardie and REN versions. Their high price tag and my lukewarm interest in them always deterred me from actually going through and trying it out. This Clinque version seems basic and the price isn't too harsh so this could be a great introduction to the cleansing balm world for me.

What are you lusting after lately? What do we think of balm cleansers? If you have tried any out I'd love to hear you sound off in the comments on what you have used and what you think of them overall.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

at arm's reach

Currently I have a little pile of products at arm's reach on my makeup desk. I put it within sight in hopes I'll reach for it more often to use it up to its entirety. They are all in the furthest stages of use out of my makeup collection. Perhaps with a little routine and persistence I will be able to proudly have these in my empties.


I have talked about this trio a few times before. I still agree with my last words about this, underrated and superb quality. I have completely used up the light beige shade which caused me to neglect the rest of the colors. I pulled it back out to use up the rest. I'm making great progress with the mid-brown shade as I have hit pan already. I suspect my biggest challenge will be the darkest brown.

This isn't my favorite Revlon lipgloss formula or shade which is why I think I neglect it so much. Still it isn't so horrible that it is unusable so I've been trying my best to apply it every morning before I'm out the door.

Again, another repeat mention on my blog. I just haven't been reaching for any highlighter lately due to my au natural shine (*cough* oil) from the summer heat. Good thing this has a beautiful texture and subtle finish I can work with.

I have been ignoring this concealer in favor of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Brightener. I forced myself to put that in the drawer in order to use this up. I keep thinking that I am ALMOST done with it but the wand keeps scooping out more product. Has anyone ever tried to cut this open? I'm sure there is way more product that the wand can't reach on the side...

Full review of this HERE. I think this is a great foundation when mixed up with other products rather than full on. I can no longer pump anything out of the bottle, I have resorted to turning the bottle upside down to let the residual product trickle down. Almost to the finish line!

Probably my favorite shade available in the paint pot lineup. A clay like mid brown shade that is completely invaluable. This creases on me without primer which isn't a deal breaker for me since I love the color so much and don't know of any other alternatives. I am about halfway done with this but it can used so many ways (alone, for smokey eyes, as a tacky base for glitter) that with daily use I think I can manage to clean it out.

I think I am in the minority when I say that I don't care for Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils. I have tried the shades in Zero, Whiskey, and Perversion and while they all glide on smoothly, they just do not last on me. Perversion is a beautifully rich black shade, something that I completely appreciate as that can be rare, but it smudges under my lash line often causing me to constantly have to check up my eye makeup to touch up. Annoying, but I am almost done with it!

What tactic do you use to use up products? I'd love to hear your input.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the clean up crew

Makeup removal, it feels almost as good as it does putting ON the makeup. At least to me anyway. At the end of the day I love the feeling of freshly cleaned skin prepped and ready for bed. So what products do I use to get to that point? Let's see what I can pull out of my bathroom cabinet...


First step is eye makeup removal. I have two options: Bioderma and Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. Bioderma is definitely the milder, cleaner feeling of the two being that it essentially feels like water. Initially I wasn't too impressed with this cult item since I had to work harder in my removal (I wear quite a lot of smudgey kohl liner and mascara) but after using it for a few months I'll admit my admiration although I don't think it is the best at removal. It works best soaked on a cotton round and held upon the eye for a few seconds before gently wiping off. If I am wearing a heavier eye or anything with pigments or glitter, I turn to Neutrogena's version. It is tougher and requires less effort (no waiting, not as much wiping) however I think the "oil-free" claim is misleading. It definitely leaves a slight sheen to the skin compared to the Bioderma. This isn't something that bothers me since I remove eye makeup first and then follow up with cleaning my face so it eventually goes down the drain anyway.

For cleaning off my face makeup I turn to oil cleansers since I am a believer in double cleansing and find they do the best job at removing every stubborn trace of residue. I have maybe two more uses of my Boscia MakeUp BreakUp Cleansing Oil left and I would recommend it. It smells and feels pleasant and removes efficiently. Already ready to take its place is the Shu Uemura Pore Clarifying Cleansing Oil which has a much thinner viscosity than its Boscia rival. I have only used it a couple times so I can't tell which I like more yet. More details to come with use, I'm sure.

What do you use for makeup removal? I am curious to know if a majority of my readers use wipes. As long as I have been wearing makeup I have never used wipes! They always seemed unsanitary and not as thorough to me so I never bothered. I do understand the convenience appeal though.

Friday, July 12, 2013

a day at the beach

Am I the only one that likes to wear a bit of makeup to the beach? Of course I don't apply a full face but I do like light coverage with a few touches to emphasize some features. I don't always go into the water, sometimes I just lie on the beach soaking up the sun and admiring the view. Because of this I tend to pick light textures, shimmering finishes, and sweat/smudge free items. Here is what I recently applied to my mug for my beach day.


For my base I am still trying out the Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42. It protects beautifully and has quite a light and natural finish. I work it into my skin with just my fingers since the formula is quite runny. I also doubled up its use as a concealer on some spots I have on my chin (thanks hormones!) This foundation doesn't match me completely since I picked up some color and that is where Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel comes in. I sculpt a little bit of this in my temples and cheeks with my Sephora Platinum 55 Brush that has a little moisturizer on it, a la J's discovery for natural non-orange results. For some color I apply one of my go to beach products: the Nars Multiple Tint. This time I used the shade Beverly Hills, a sheer cherry red. It gives such a natural flush. I finish off my face with Bonnebell Glimmer Bronze loose powder as it give a subtle bronze glow that isn't too shimmery.

For my eyes I usually skip this step if I plan on swimming but I felt like adding some pretty shimmer with NYX Chrome Eye Shadow in Mocha after prepping my lids with Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Potion. I am unsure if this eyeshadow is sold anymore, if it isn't that is a shame since it is one of the prettiest shades I've come across. It pairs best with some smudged black liner. For this I used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline as it is less prone to smudging compared to eye kohl. I also used this in my waterline. To finish up the eyes I applied a very light coat of Prestige My Blackest Lashes Mascara, just enough to make my eyelashes show up.

Last step is the lips. I applied some Estee Lauder Impulsive Coral gloss at first but once I got to the beach I wiped it off in favor of some fuss free Burt's Bees Balm. It was windy and no one likes the hair-in-lipgloss effect.


I ended up hopping in the water for a bit to play with the waves and get in some physical activity while at the beach. So what actually lasted at the end of the day? My Prestige mascara completely disappeared which was to be expected since it wasn't waterproof. The MAC liner completely disappeared from my waterline but it stuck around on my lids. The NYX shadow also impressively stayed intact and untouched, most likely because of the Urban Decay Primer. The Nars Multiple tint disappeared and was replaced with sunkissed skin. As for the Shiseido foundation? It also stuck around, of course not completely perfect with some fading but it still gave me coverage and protection.

Beach days are always something I look forward during the summer. Nothing beats the killer view of the water, sun kissed skin, and the relaxation. Next time I'll be smarter and skip the eye makeup...

Monday, July 8, 2013

hesitant over fuchsia

Today's topic is about a hue that I am not comfortable in the slightest to wear on my lips (or spell without spell check/a dictionary handy): FUCHSIA. Am I the only one that is a bit intimidated by this color?

revloncolorburstfuchsiapointMY "CHECK-OUT-HOW-UNCOMFORTABLE-I-AM" FACE


I bought this Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia recently while browsing at my local Big Lots. I think I checked out with it in hand more out of curiosity since the color is very much out of my comfort zone. I recently found out the Colorburst line by Revlon has been discontinued so that also pushed me into wanting to try it out. Discontinued items always lure me for some illogical reason. I do wonder why Revlon discontinued the line as it seemed quite popular? My guess is the lip butters booted them out since the balm/lipstick hybrids seem to be all the rage. You can still find these scattered around at discount stores or you can make it easy on yourself by getting it online at All Cosmetics Wholesale. The formula is initially nice being that it is decently pigmented with a not overly shiny finish. It feels light and comfortable. After wearing it for a few hours I notice my lips do feel slightly dry and the color doesn't last as long as Revlon's Matte line.

revloncolorburstfuchsia The color is what you would expect in a fuchsia; a purple-pink hybrid that reminds me of fresh orchids. It is quite a flashy color to me. Definitely not an ugly color, but it definitely IS a color that can be hard to pull off. It is fun and brightening so if you are a fan of color I think you would like it. As for me, I am not sure I will ever be comfortable wearing these type of hues. I feel they look more appropriate on deep skin tones and on those who love bringing attention to their lips since the color stands out.

revloncolorburstfuchiaidkMY "I-TRIED-MY-BEST" SHRUG

Fuchsia is not the color for me although I do like having it on hand to pull out when I am feeling daring or colorful. I have a hard time wrapping my head around pink based lipsticks. Reds and Berry shades are usually my style. Are you comfortable wearing fuchsia?

Monday, July 1, 2013

triple threat facial?

Sunday, the day of rest. I think for most Sunday is dedicated to relaxation, catching up, and perhaps a bit of pampering. This Sunday I took it upon myself to indulge in the latter by trying out an idea I read about over on Vivanna's blog: the Triple Threat Facial. Vivianna states that the TTF is an idea sprouted from skincare expert Caroline Hirons. If you haven't heard of this routine, what it amounts to is using three different mask types, one right after the other, with results giving well cared for, happy skin. The first mask should purge (clay based), the second mask should exfoliate (AHA based), and the final mask should hydrate (hyaluronic/oil based).

To be honest I was skeptical of this idea, hence the question mark in the title of this post. I am not a skin care expert but I always had the notion that applying too much product to the skin would overwhelm it and be counterproductive. But I was intrigued with the idea, especially since each mask had a different job, so I looked upon my army of masks and choose three to recruit.


For the purging step, I chose the Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask as it is my current favorite for clearing out and refreshing. I dedicated a whole post to it HERE. I cleansed off with a muslin cloth and applied the exfoliating Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask. This was my first time trying it out but I must say my initial impression is VERY positive. To be honest I can't wait to use it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I finished off the last step of this facial with the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask and this is where things started to go downhill. I did a post on this mask before and I remember not caring for it but willing to give it a second chance. After using it again for this facial I am positive that I do not like this product. When I rinsed off the Ole mask my skin was looking bright and feeling refreshed. Then I applied the Avene mask and it ruined all the work the previous masks had done. My skin felt greasy and no longer look or felt great. It definitely is not meant for my oily skin type, all it does is add a filmy layer to my skin. I think drier skins would only benefit from it, if that.

So the Triple Threat Facial is a bust this round but I'm not dishearten. I plan to try again with a different hydration mask since the first two steps of the routine had great results. I've been eying the Origins Drink Up mask but I'd love to hear any of your suggestions for your favorites.

What do you think of the Triple Threat Facial? Have you tried it? I am curious to know which three masks you used if so!