Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my mac blush palette


There is something about a filled out MAC blush palette that looks so appealing, don't you think? Albeit my palette looks a little worse for wear due to my shoddy job of depotting a couple shades but I still prefer this easy way of storage over the pot form any day. Here is a rundown of the shades I own and my thoughts:


A PRO item which you can (finally!!) buy online at the official MAC website. It was about time MAC made their PRO items available online for purchase. This is an intensely pigmented punchy pink with a satin finish. It may look stark and hard to wear but as you can see from my blended swatch, it has the possibility to be sheered out into a beautiful flush. I did a comparison swatch with this and CARGO Key Largo blush. You can check that out HERE. Salsarose looks pretty similar on my face as Key Largo.

A soft mauve with a matte finish. This was one of the first MAC blushes I owned that I picked out at the store in person on a whim. It is a pretty standard blush color that goes with most looks and looks natural on. I wore Mocha in my most recent FOTD post.

I would venture a guess this is one of MAC's top selling shades. I like how it is a more brown and muted peach as it makes it blend nicer into most skin colorings. This is also matte. Sometimes this shade looks nice, other times I feel it shows up too orange. Overall it isn't life changing on me (see below). It looks phenomenal on Barbara (persianbabe on YouTube) though!


Another peach shade but compared to Melba, Peaches is much cleaner of a color. Also quite a popular shade, especially for peach lovers. This is a sheertone finish. I don't reach for this often if I am being honest.

A cool and shimmery delicate pink. This is one of those "bloggers/youtubers made me buy it" items. Very often you will find this listed in beauty blogger's favorites. I don't see the big hype with it. It is very sheer and doesn't add much to my complexion. I still keep it around though...I suppose I am waiting for my "Aha! I understand why this is popular!" moment with it. Here's to hoping...

Definitely my favorite shade out of this palette which might be surprising as it has the most boring swatch. Tenderling is a beige pink. The more blush I own the more I find how much of a weak spot I have for these boring/blah shades. They go with everything and make complexions look so healthy! I featured this shade in my nude blush ramble post.


MAC certainly does well at offering plenty of finishes and shades of your choosing in their blush range. While their blushes aren't my favorite out of my collection, I give it merit for the color range, fool proof application, and sleek storage system. Tenderling, Salsarose, and Mocha are my most worn out of these shades and are what I would recommend if you are my coloring. Orange based peaches never look quite as flattering as I'd like on me which is why I don't reach for the peachier shades often.

What are your favorite MAC blushes? I certainly don't need more but I always seem to have a soft spot for Cubic, Rhubarb, and Fever whenever I browse new shades to try.

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  1. I love nude brown pink blushes too! I agree that I find them the most flattering on my skin. They give me some color but never looks over done.