Tuesday, June 19, 2012

target run & etc...

is it just me or does everyone go into target, checkout, and get shocked by total? i swear i go into that store just to pick up one thing (in this case, makeup remover) and i end up coming out with random things that catch my eye.

the loot

ive mentioned this brand before in my products used up post, but i really enjoyed using the bar soap version for dry patches of skin. i thought id try the liquid version. so far so good, the smell is a bit medical smelling so next time i will opt out of this scent. very fluid, like water but lathers really well. this bottle will last me for a while!

ive been a fan of neutrogena's makeup remover but i thought i would try something different. ill give my thoughts once i finish it up.

can you believe i have never tried this popular cleanser before? i debated between this and the gentle version (do any of you have a preference?) but i decided i wanted the normal formula first.

stacking rings

my ring obsession continues. i passed by the jewelry section and they had so many fun little sets of stacking rings. i picked these up because i like the cursive writing and the turquoise stones.

by the way i am wearing essie fiji in the above photo. im not sure how i feel about it to be honest. i like how it makes my hands look polished and tan yet it bothers me how stark white it can look, almost like white out. plus the formula isnt the best....

i keep all my favorite daily rings in this fun helping hands dish i picked up from UO a while ago. i love it!

another piece i picked up from UO is this scalloped round dish. normally i keep my daily makeup in this as it is very handy for that but for this sake of this photo i placed certain products in it as a sneak peek of what i need to share with you guys in upcoming posts.

how have you all been? i have been so out of the blogging world it is insane. i hope you have been well!