Wednesday, April 16, 2014

milani flamingo pose

I would say that I have become fairly confident in wearing bold lipstick out in public without feeling self conscious. The main reason I don't regularly wear the stuff is mostly due to the maintenance rather than feelings of doubt. A girl has to eat and drink. Even though I say this, I do get rather nervous when it comes to wearing bold pinks. Remember when I tried my hand at fuchsia (yes I had to look up how to spell this correctly...again)? I don't know what it is about it. Maybe because I have never really been a fan of pink in general or perhaps it reminds me all too much of Barbie.

Either way, I have been determined to try and overcome my bold pink lipstick fear. I tested out the waters with the reddish pink Revlon Strawberry Suede and have come to really love the color. After I got used to that, I picked an outrageously pink color to get the ball rolling: Milani Flamingo Pose.

BAM...just look at that color. It is much brighter in person. It takes me a couple minutes to get used to all that color radiating from my lips. Not for the timid and all for the ones who want to call attention to their lips. It is a pretty color but I still prefer my reds and plums over this.

I have absolutely nothing close to this color. It is an almost neon punchy pink so it isn't surprising that I couldn't find anything similar to what I own. Milani does lipsticks decently. They glide on easily enough and aren't extremely slippy so it won't melt off. They have rich pigmentation and don't excessively accentuate any rough patches. I don't find it to be the most moisturizing but it definitely isn't the driest I've come across. This particular shade leaves a pinkish stain behind once it fades away or even if it is wiped off which I find quite nice. It does have a strong melon scent which I think is too artificial and sickly. I wish it wasn't present but it doesn't linger for the entire wear.

L to R: Milani Flamingo Pose, Revlon Fuchsia, Estee Lauder Rubellite

All these shades would be beautiful cream blush shades, no? Fuchsia is obviously more of a cool pink with some purple shot through it, Rubellite is almost frosty and more of a tamed ruby.


So all in all I'm still not used to these punchy bright pink shades, as indicated in my uncomfortable face above. But that doesn't stop me from trying. I wish this shade looked as kick ass on me as it does on Viola but then again she looks good in all damn lipsticks shades, even blue ones. The more I apply it the less shocking the color seems on. Maybe NARS Schiap will be something I'll wear one day. Still terrified.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

001 thoughts of the week

I thought I'd start a series called "thoughts of the week", an idea I completely copied from Jessica. These are some of my favorite posts that I look forward to reading on her blog and my philosophy when it comes to blogging is to always put out content I would want to read myself. So here's to the first installment! I'll try to make this a weekly thing, perhaps even on the same day. Look at me, all trying to be routine-y.

1. I have been quite engrossed with Mindy Kaling. I actually have never seen anything she has been in (I never watched The Office, don't throw stones at me), but in the past I would see her frequently popping up on my twitter and tumblr feed. I was finally prompted to read her book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)" after seeing a friend post about it. It wasn't boring and I read through it quickly yet it is not the funniest I have come across. Still, I love reading about the beginning struggles of the successful and now I have the urge to start watching her show.


2. Speaking of reading, my birthday is next week and my boyfriend surprised me with an early present, a Kindle Paperwhite! I was actually very taken aback he got me this since I mentioned it only in passing this past November. I guess guys really do listen...sometimes :P Any recommendations are welcomed. My GoodReads account in case you wanted to get an idea of my reading patterns.

3. I ran across this article earlier this week about a family who stopped eating sugar for an entire year. I personally think it is a bit of an extreme measure. Although, I do agree that the general population consumes more than their fair share. Thoughts?

4. I liked this post about preservatives and why they are necessary in most of our beauty products. I don't understand how they got such a bad rep, perhaps because they sound too "chemical"?

5. Already thinking about what to try next after my great success with Clarins Lotus Oil, something like Sunday Riley's Artemis looks promising. The price is slightly nauseating.

6. My sister is one of those fickle purchasers that refuses to finish up products and buys a new replacement halfway through its use. Her recent pickup was Victoria's Secret True Escape lotion which I initially dismissed because Victoria Secret scents remind me of a mixture of over-tanned college freshmen and strippers. I randomly slapped it on the other day and couldn't stop sniffing myself. It is quite fresh and light but also has a bit of warmth and sweetness to it. Squirt some on the hands next time you are in VS and let me know what you think.

7. Game of Thrones is back \o/ But I haven't been able to watch the premiere due to school so no spoilers!

8. This weekend I am going to see Hardwell and I am very excited. The only thing that makes me wary is the venue is 18+ so the likelihood of me wanting to murder a majority of the crowd is extremely high.

9. Recently I watched the cult movie Heathers for the first time and was highly, highly entertained. It is on Netflix so if you have an account you have no excuse, go watch it. Be ready for high fashion 80's blazers with exuberant shoulder padding, frequent monocle use, and witty dialog.

 photo heathers_zpsb9ddebe7.gif
Oh yeah, there is a lot of profanity too ha.

10. Louis C.K. hosted SNL and then Anna Kendrick followed and I haven't been able to watch either yet. Only a couple more weeks of school...

Monday, April 7, 2014

box of neglect round 3 - lipstick edition

Remember my Box of Neglect challenge? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, it has been over a year since I have done anything with this series. That box contains a lot of tough cookies that made me feel overwhelmed in picking out what to test out next. I apologize and will do better, pinky promise. I'll back up this promise by attacking the lipsticks in my box. I have about two handfuls of lipsticks lying in the dusty box, waiting to be played with so here is the lipstick edition, round one.


Man this lipstick is a throwback. Remember when NYX round lipsticks were all the rage? I bought this in the beginning stages of my obsession with makeup. I don't remember why I picked this particular shade, probably because someone on YouTube I followed at the time recommended it. Anyway, I have never worn this out of the house. I have only applied it on a Saturday and pranced around the apartment all day to get a feel for it. It is one of those mature, browny shades that I find outdated. It isn't exactly unflattering but it also isn't the best shade for me. The NYX round lipsticks are very creamy and slippy so application is easy and hydrating, however, this causes the lasting power to be weak.


L to R: NYX Frappuccino, NYX Thalia, MAC Blankety, Revlon Mauve it Over

I think Frappuccino would be most flattering on olive skinned or deeper toned ladies as it would look like a natural nude without the corpse look. For us people on the paler side it looks very mature; office appropriate and non offensive. I thought it would be most similar to Revlon Mauve it Over but it is actually darker and more terracotta. NYX Thalia is more mauve and less brown. MAC Blankety is not even similar as it is paler and has no trace of red in it.

It should say something that I completely forgot about this lipstick's existence in my collection. It isn't a horrible shade but it is one that I can't see myself reaching for often or even a shade I would be in the mood to wear. Back in the BOX it goes.


When I look at this lipstick now I can't help but wonder what the hell I was thinking when I bought it. It is the weirdest and most unflattering shade for me. It looks like the type of shade you would get as a cheap GWP. I remember I distinctly bought this because of Holly Ann Aeree when she was first starting out. She mentioned it was one of her top nude lipsticks. Ahh to be naive and just buy something because it's flattering on a YouTuber that does not have similar skin tones to you. This is my only Rimmel lipstick and probably the last since I dislike the formula very much. It doesn't glide on easily and accentuates dryness, as you can see in the above picture.


L to R: Rimmel Birthday Suit, Revlon Nude Attitude, Revlon Soft Nude, Dior Incognito

Thankfully I seemed to learn my lesson by not going out and buying anything similar to this shade. It is an almost bronze brown in comparison to the other nudes I have. Another shade I completely forgot I owned. It won't be missed. BOX


Maybelline does surprisingly well when it comes to lipsticks. They are creamy without being too messy and feel very comfortable. Pink Please was another Holly Ann Aeree pushed purchase but luckily for me this one works. One of those nice, soft medium pinks that works on almost everyone. I like the satiny finish.


L to R: Maybelline Pink Please, Maybelline Born With It, MAC Angel, NARS Mayflower

I thought for sure this was going to be almost the same shade as MAC Angel but it isn't as pasel, it is also darker with a richer payoff. Born With It is sheerer and paler. NARS Mayflower is rosier and sheerer. I think I'll keep this one around, it photographs nicely and wears comfortably. I was pleasantly surprised I didn't own a shade similar to it seeing as it is a fairly non-unique shade. DRAWER

BOX: 2


Saturday, April 5, 2014

this, not that

Lately I have noticed that a few steps in my beauty routine were taking a new direction. Instead of my tried and true application methods, I have been discovering new ways of packing on the products for a little change. One of the greatest things about the beauty world is how it is ever changing and never boring. Nothing is permanent or stagnant.


I visited my parents last weekend and remembered to pack my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer but neglected to toss in its usual partner, the Real Techniques Detailer brush. I had previously been using these paired together exclusively since the small synthetic head of the brush was great for pinpointing spots, much better than my stubby fingers. I didn't pack my Detailer brush, but I did pack my Essence of Beauty Smokey Wide Duo brush.

This is one of my most loved brushes due to the wide shader side; it is perfect for applying those all over the lid eye shadow shades. I entirely ignored the smaller domed head side as it wasn't stiff enough for my liking to smoke out shadows. But for concealing? It was made for it. Its packed flexible bristles makes the stiff consistency of Secret Camouflage blend out into a workable thin layer that covers up spots much better than the pin pointing I was previously doing. Sorry Detailer, looks like there's a new girl in town and I don't think she will be surpassed.


My previous eye lining routine consisted of framing out my outer portion of the eye with a flick of L'Oreal Lineur Intense. Although I can do this quicker than average compared to other liner methods, I still wanted something quicker. So I turned to using Smashbox Filter eye shadow trio paired with MAC 214 smudging brush. I pack on the dark brown shade close to my upper lashes and then blend it out with MAC 217 to add some soft definition. I like this look for day time as it is looks more natural and eye opening than winged liner. Plus it gives me a reason to use up this darn shade in this trio. Dark eye shadows are so hard to hit pan on.


This is something I have been obsessed with. Instead of reaching for a feminine fragrance, like Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, I have been spritzing on Hermes Terre D'Hermes. I had this little gem sitting in my dish that holds all my perfume samples and randomly sprayed it on one day and fell in love. I rushed home to get a better look and on closer inspection I was surprised to see it was actually a men's fragrance. I am slowly spinning into a panic because I only have a sample size and am going through it quickly.

My favorite place to spray this is actually in my hair! I have read this isn't the best place to spray fragrances because the alcohols can dry out your hair but since I only do a couple small bursts I don't see the harm. It is certainly the longest lasting place since my hair retains the woody cedar aroma for more than 24 hours. I would be willing to bet this would be absolutely irresistible with men's skin chemistry, but for now I'm too obsessed with it on myself to test that theory out.