Thursday, May 10, 2012

my highlighter collection


my highlighter collection: modest to some and a bit extravagant to others. to me, i would say it is a happy medium. i have a decent mixture of brands, textures, and shades. i love what highlighters can bring to a look. even with having oily skin like i do, there is something about adding a bit of glow that i just can't get enough of. i am not a fan of the ultra matte look. i like dewy fresh looking skin and highlighters are the key to achieving my ideal skin finish. my favorite celebrity skins? jennifer lopez, hilary duff, eva mendes, and mila kunis. all glowy and sexy.



this is very popular and for a good reason. as much as i think pigments are a pain, they have such wonderful finishes that i deal with it every now and then. mac vanilla (the pigment, the eye shadow i am not a fan of!) is very beautiful. a soft ivory with many multi colored shimmers depending on how the light hits it. i usually see flecks of gold and green but pink and blue sometimes show up too. if you are into pigments and are looking for shades to pick up from mac, i recommend this. i dont reach for this often since it is so messy, but when i use up the sample i have i would purchase the full size (though i doubt id use it all, so much product!)

looks stark white in the pan but once swatched on the skin it transforms into a gorgeous soft gold. this is my favorite highlighter when i want to pack some punch and really want to make my highlighter noticeable. really great for nights out. i love dusting this all over my shoulders, neck and chest for special events as well.

this is a rich champagne. out of all the highlighters this has the best and most effortless texture. however, if you want subtle i really dont recommend this as it is pretty intensely pigmented. if you really like your highlight to show up on your skin, this is an excellent choice.

a very light white beige. this is VERY subtle. if you like very natural subtle highlights, this is a good choice. unfortunately limited edition.


this is such a curious product. it looks silvery and pink in the pan but when swatched on the skin it turns peachy/bronzey. the texture is also the most unique as it is not quite powder but not quite cream either. what i really enjoy about this product is that it is very easy to control the intensity. i personally dont like it too intense on my cheeks as it is quite metallic. also limited edition and hard to find!

a warm peach. this is great for mixing with other blushes. i use this very often on top of peach blushes or coral blushes and the results are always beautiful.

a lot of hype is surrounded with this product and im not exactly sure why. the texture isnt the best on the market and the finish isnt my favorite. but i still enjoy using it, i just dont reach for it as often as my other products. it is called amber for a reason, very honey toned when you mix all the shade together.

i like this more than the popular CCB shell. i bought this one random night i was reading mac artist favorites on their official website. this product was listed in a lot of the artists' lists! but i can see why. i really love this. this paired with albatross is heaven.

from left to right: mac vanilla nars alatross, theBalm mary lou-manizer, mac lightscapade, estee lauder modern mercury, mac redhead, dior amber diamond, mac CCB in hush

overview of my highlighters:

if you want more natural finishes i recommend mac hush and lightscapade. if you like to mix cheek colors i recommend mac redhead and mac ccb in hush. if you prefer more noticeable highlighters, i recommend nars albatross and mary lou-manizer. if you like unique products and an easy to control highlighter, i recommend estee lauder modern mercury. my personal favorites are nars albatross, mary lou-manizer, mac redhead, and mac hush. i dont recommend amber diamond, very over hyped!

i resist buying new highlighters all the time just because i know i have enough to use up. but i still have my eye on becca's shimmering skin perfecter (to get opal or pearl...hmmm). what are your favorite highlighters? or maybe you shouldn't tell me because it will just make me want to check them out :P

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