Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my rings...

so a few posts ago i shared my lust of some rings i had my eye on. since then i have acquired a few pieces that i have been really enjoying and wanted to share with you all.


i love the look of layering and stacking rings. i even look at this hand and dont think it is enough!

on my ring finger i have house of harlow stackable rings, one thick and silver the other thin and rose gold. i love these, the quality is very nice and i love the design etched into the metal. these are reasonably priced too, i picked mine up at planet blue (the models have gorgeous makeup by the way) unfortunately the thin band is sold out but the thicker one is still available. link!

on my middle finger i have an above the knuckle cross ring. i absolutely adore this, more than my knot ring. i picked this up at etsy. the seller makes everything by hand and was a sweetheart. the shipping impressed me due to her being based in argentina. i would say it took less than two weeks from start to finish. i ordered a size 3 if you wanted a reference. link!

on my pointer finger i have my knot ring from etsy which i have talked about already in this post as well as an old hammered silver ring from american eagle i have had for years.


lastly we have my connecter ring that i picked up from urban outfitters. it satiated my lust for connected jewelry for now. quality isnt up to par but overall i am happy with it since the design is so funky and cool. unfortunately i dont see this on the UO website anymore so maybe you will have better luck in stores.

hope you all have been well!

oh and in case you were wondering, on my nails i am wearing essie chinchilly (one of my all time favorites) with sally hansen hidden treasure on top(LE, but essie shine of the times would work just as well)

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