Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february favorites

it's that time...favorites time. i usually only post these every now and then when im in the mood. february was a trying month, i accumulated so many new products.


this is ok. it is the only powder that matches me at the moment so i have been using it daily. oil control isnt the best. i wont repurchase as i have my eye on chanel's loose powder which is supposed to be very good.

very lovely product. hard cream consistency, effortlessly natural looking. i have been using a mac 130 for this along my cheekbones and forehead.

recently bought this off my friend Hieu who i have mentioned many times before here on my blog. he found he never used this and he knew how much i much i was kicking myself for not picking it up when i had the chance. it is so gorgeous. this has been my highlighter of choice. i have yet to try using it on the eyes...

ive had this sample from sephora for forever. i always neglected it but i decided it was time to use it up. i use it more out of habit really. ill give my thoughts on it next items used up post i do...


this is hands down one of my top eye shadows ever. remember how i said i was in a one shadow only mood? this has been my top choice all month. i have this shade in my pony palette and my naked one as well so i doubt ill run out anytime soon. when i do i am getting the single...

i also wore this shadow in this picture that got quite a few compliments on twitter and instagram:

i am only wearing toasted and some feline smudge at the top and bottom lashline. so simple but everyone seemed to like it. i believe i am wearing mac's earth to earth blush here...

normally i wouldn't include this since i use this everyday (can you tell? look at how small the pencil is!) on my waterline and it is just a staple to me. but i thought i would mention it because normally i use liquid liner to line my top lid. this whole month i have been messily applying feline on my top lid and smudging it out with a mac 219/my fingers. ive been favoring this because it is easy and i am out of liquid liner. thinking about getting illmasqua precision ink or lancome art liner. which do you guys think i should try?

SN: look at the cap to this! so cracked and ugly and i am not even rough with it. unfortunately mac's packaging is so flimsy and cheap that it breaks very easily. i hate that aspect.

another item i normally neglect. i tend to gravitate to my mac paint pots but lately i keep reaching for this. probably because i feel the need to use it up. i like this primer. i have tried TFSI and i like that equally as well. i hear from a lot of people that UDPP dries out their lids. i do not have that problem. not sure if i would repurchase this though since i want to test out the nars smudge proof primer.

i never hear anything about these little trios from smashbox. this is actually my sister's, she has about three different shades of these trios and has hit pan on the other two. i wonder why these arent well known because the quality is absolutely excellent. extremely pigmented and smooth. my sister travels for a living so she leaves a lot of makeup behind. luckily for me she left this and i was curious. on the few days this month i didnt want to wear a taupe, i used this. superior to mac (almost any other mid range brand is, or so i think). the colors are very similar to mac's brule, cork, and expresso i would say.

DSC_6476noticing a trend this month, almost all boring neutral shades!

shimmering browned rose. lovely. universally flattering shade, hard to mess up.

when looking at burberry makeup ads, this is the color they use on the models. how can you resist this shade knowing that?!? i love the heart of burberry's theme when it comes to makeup. naturally YOU but enhanced just so, if that makes any sense? need more burberry (copper lip mist, pale barley eye shadow, tangerine blush gahh.) this shade is similar to lovejoy, but lovejoy is a bit rosier and russet is more honey toned.

sadly discontinued. i LOVE this shade. absolutely love it. i have no idea why nars would remove this from their line. when i wasnt being boring wearing a nude blush, i wore this. i believe the description nars used for this shade was cinnamon coral. a bit odd i feel since mounia does not remind me of cinnamon, it has too much purple in it. regardless it is stunning and if you ever see it again snatch it up.

i went more in depth with this blush HERE.


the hold is decent, i dont think this is particularly luminous, but the SMELL. oh the smell. so delicious. i would repurchase this just because of that. i also like how this doesnt build up in my hair, even after multiple days of use and not washing my hair.

this is a hair texturizer and it is supposed to also add volume. this is a really neat product. it is a fine powder that you sprinkle in your roots and shimmy your hands through to work it in. it works very well at adding volume. only a small amount is needed for the desired effect. very easy to overdo though so be careful. adding too much makes your hair a bit sticky and prone to knots (talking from experience here, whoops)

this also smells really good. i think i prefer this over the tresemme one. the product sprays out nice and finely. and it is cheap!

that's all for this month...

hope you all had a happy leap year day and didn't get into too much trouble :P

Monday, February 27, 2012

sephora run

made a quick sephora run this past weekend. went in for foundation samples since i've used up my two main foundations i owned and im in the market for a new one. ended up walking out with samples plus all you see U_____U


i matched myself at B20. i am about 98% sure i wont buy this foundation but curiousity got the better of me. i think this foundation is for people with perfect/not scarred skin, aka not my skin. i just wanted to try it out for fun.

I matched myself, again, in Fiji. i really do not like relying on the SA's in sephora or my local dept stores in matching for foundations because this is how competent i feel they are:


but anyway, back to the sample. i have been curious about the much raved about sheer glow but the formulation + my oily skin sounds like a disaster. figured i should try sheer matte to see how it fares.

how fun is this LE packaging? i have always been one of those girls that did not believe in blotting sheets. this girl has been using toilet paper/paper towels. now im a believer! and i have only been using them for two days. they smell like green tea and soak up everything without disturbing my makeup. nice!

i have been wanting this for the longest time. dont ask me how many times ive walked around in sephora with this in my hands because it has been countless times. i have yet to try this but i am very excited to. i want to give that POS elf flat top brush the boot, it sheds massive chunks on me.

FINALLY. another item i walk around sephora clutching but never buy. wore it today, love it so far. will do a post on it eventually i expect, it is that lovely. just need to buy the matching blush and gloss now :P

i plan on doing a comparison post on this vs mac feline because i am curious to see which is better. i am obsessed with finding the blackest blackest black liners so when i heard this was becoming permanent i knew i had to try it. i find that the popular zero shade...well it sucks to be quite frank. i hate the shade (not black enough), i hate the texture (not as creamy as mac), i hate the longevity (24/7...pfffffft). will definitely let you guys know my thoughts once i test it out. maybe it will give my beloved feline the boot!

what have you picked up lately? i've been doing pretty good, most of my purchases have been things i NEED, rather than just want. thumbs up to that!

SN: what do you all suggest for the next foundation for me to try? i am looking for a satin finish, good for controlling oily skin, medium coverage, looks good in photos. preferably high end and not drugstore as i've about had it with drugstore foundations. loved to hear your suggestions :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012

mac earth to earth blush & sweet sienna pigment

more thoughts on my swapped products i blogged about briefly before.


quite the beaut in the pan, this blush is. mac's earth to earth mineralized blush was a limited edition product that came out in the Grand Duos collection back in 2009. one side is a marbleized melange of champagne and dark purple, the other side is a complimentary peach. per my usual, i swirl everything together not favoring either side more than the other.


when mixed the color is a dirty peach. the purple and peach may sound strange mixed together but i find they work well together. the one thing that does irk me a bit with this product is that it has some chunky shimmer particles in it. it isnt too terrible but i would prefer for the texture to be a bit smoother and without the random glitter pieces.


the blush has standard mac pigmentation, i dont need to swirl too vigorously yet i dont have to worry about getting too much product. it is pretty fool proof. i really like it on me, it is very neutral and easy to wear.


mac sweet sienna, i think a lot of people went crazy for this? not quite sure as it is an old discontinued pigment. it is extremely pretty. i really wish i had the full size of this. the shade is a quite reflective dark taupe that leans grey.


i am in a one shadow only phase right now where i slap only one shadow over the lid, smudge some feline liner in the lash line, add mascara and call it good. it is quick and flattering, really no brainer makeup. ive been crazy about taupes lately which is weird because i normally stick to browns. i find taupes make brown eyes seem a bit warmer and noticeable.


what are your favorite taupe shadows? im thinking about picking up LMdB corinthian, chanel illusiore, and stila diamond lil to feed my taupe obsession.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

002 items used up

it's that time again, items i've used up. one of my favorite posts to read on other blogs and one of the most satisfying posts for me to write up.


HG lotion for me. i have been using this for years, ever since i was recommended it by my dermatologist when i was on Accutane in high school (i was also recommended to try cetaphil, not a fan. too greasy!) non-scented, non-greasy, absorbs very quickly, keeps my skin soft and moisturized. i always stock up on these when i see a sale. you can find this in most drugstores. sometimes i think i should try something new but i am completely satisfied with this product so i dont feel the need to venture off. why fix what isn't broken, right?

i really like this and have repurchased this many times. doesn't burn my eyes, no oily residue, completely removes every trace of the loads of mascara i put on when used with a cotton round. i would repurchase this but i want to try other choices to see if this is the best as i am curious. i have my eyes on either sonia kashuk or boots. you can find a two pack of this at target for the same price as one! discovered that recently in the store so if you like this, check out your target.

this was medicore at best. i have decided i hate face washes with large random beads in it as no matter how thoroughly i rinse my face there is always a few leftover hiding in my hairline, neck, etc. annoying. besides that fact, this facial wash did not do much for me. it didn't cause any adverse reactions with my skin but i saw no unclogging or positive results. will not repurchase. need another la roche posay effaclar cleanser! i loved that cleanser. or maybe i will dabble in some sort of gel cleanser from dermalogica as i hear good things about the brand.

i feel like i finished this very quickly. i hated the scent of this. must be the vit E scent? i applied this only at night as it is a bit heavy. i found it a bit greasy and in the morning when i wake up i feel like i have a thin layer of film on my face. it did seem to help when i had my bout of dry skin a month or so back but i will not repurchase this as i really hated the scent and i think there are better options to choose from other than this. glad i got this half off.


wonderful creamy coconut scent but that is where the fun ends. this was very drying on my hair. shame because the scent is so lovely. unfortunately i have a couple bottles of this to use up as it was on sale but i am thinking about giving them to my younger sister because i cant stand how dry this makes my hair!

i go through body lotion like crazy as i apply it all over after i shower. i usually turn to BBW as i like the scents best. i do feel like they take too long to absorb but the scent options they have are so great. the scent also lasts for a long time and transfers to my bedding so it always smells good. brown sugar and fig is alright, at times i think it smells slightly like play doh on me so i won't repurchase. black raspberry vanilla is my favorite scent from BBW so i will always repurchase. i actually like the body shop body butters best but the only scent i really care for is satsuma and i find i am only in the mood for that scent in the summer.

my favorite drugstore body wash. i wont repurchase immediately since i am trying to use up some other body washes i have in stock but i will always repurchase as i love the caramelized sugar scent and it doesnt dry out my skin or give me that super "squeaky clean" feeling, which by the way, i hate and think is very harsh on the skin. i like being clean without the squeak.


not much, like always but i am pretty proud of what i HAVE used up as i think foundations are tough to finish.

i can't recommend this product. especially for oily skinned ladies. dry skinned ladies might have better luck but this had a very short lasting power and was very horrible at oil control. i liked the satin finish and the coverage was so great as it covered the overall texture of my skin wonderfully but i got super oily in only a couple hours, had to blot constantly all day, and by the end of the night it separates and breaks down on my face. no bueno.

again, i can't recommend this foundation. it might just be because i did not have the right color match (too light) but this washed me out even when i added bronzer and i quite honestly don't think this photographs well on me. oil control and lasting power are much better with this product. finish is nice and i didnt notice any crazy sparkles on me. will not repurchase as i am pretty much giving up on drugstore foundations since my skin is so finicky.

i love this eyeliner. i find liquid liner to be much faster and easier than gel liner. it is super black, not too shiny, and has pretty decent lasting power. i see only slight fading in the inner corners of my eye by the end of a work day. i would repurchase but as of right now i want to explore other brands.

what have you finished lately? until next time...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

worth the hype?: mac stereo rose

i say i am uninspired to blog yet here i am the next day blogging! i felt like trying out stereo rose today and i wanted to share my preliminary thoughts on it.


divine. no chunky particles, smooth, really easy to work with. i am only interested in the mineralized skin finishes that have great texture and a unique color blend. this MSF passes in both departments.


not too frosty, not matte, just a nice sheen. it has a nice balance of color and shine. it is flattering and doesnt emphasize any imperfections. pigmentation is nice. i dont need to swirl vigorously yet i dont need to be extra careful in applying too much.


i applied this around noon today and right now it is 1AM and the color is still there. impressive, especially since mineral products usually last a shorter amount of time than normal products (or so i hear, i never notice a difference)


in the pan, gorgeous. i personally think the marbled coral is why people go nuts for this coveted item. on the cheeks however, it is just...okay. nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. just...okay. i actually think it looks a bit muddy on me. i see this more as a "topper" or mixing medium with other blushes. but those ARE the main ways MSF's are supposed to be used so i'm not complaining TOO much.


i love the texture and longevity of stereo rose. it is nice to have if you like collecting but if you don't own it i dont think you are missing out to be honest! i am glad i have it since i like collecting hard to find items, but it definitely isnt the most flattering shade i own. BUT i only used this one time so i cant really knock it too hard. i plan on mixing it with other blushes as i think that will yield much better results.

what do you think? do you have stereo rose and adore it? i'd love to hear what you think of the highly sought after MSF.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

swap craze part II

first things first, i am sorry i have been majorly slacking in posting often. i have many excuses (winter lighting, not enough hours in the day, my job, etc, etc) but what it all really boils down to is i just dont have the inspiration to blog. i am really enjoying quick fixes like instagram (my username is kellyyes, find me!) & twitter (also kellyyes) at the moment though, so if you are that disgruntled, i have been posting little thoughts and pictures everyday for your viewing pleasure until i get my surge of inspiration back.


i thought i would give you guys a little post on some products i've accumulated lately through swapping. every now and then i will get in the mood to swap for harder than average to find items through makeupalley (you can see my first swap post HERE).

this is very flattering, gives such a nice uplifted color to my cheeks. i just swirl and apply, i dont concentrate on any particular side. it does have a BIT of chunky glitter, but i find it easy to brush off with a clean brush.

not a hard item to find but a good item to have. it is a bit of a blah color but it is very pretty and neutral on the cheeks. a browned rose, so to speak. i am glad to have added it to my nars collection.

sweet sienna is so gorgeous. i wish i had a full size of this. a beautiful dark shimmering taupe that leans a bit purple. i looked up pictures and this shade seems similar to mac's smoke and diamonds and stila diamond lil. i have going a bit taupe crazy lately, i will have to do a future post on it.

gold mode i am not a huge fan of. i tried using this all over the lid and it made me look washed out and weird. but i have never been a fan of having only one light shimmering color over the lid, i prefer darker shades.

finally! i have been wanting this for the longest time but i havent been able to get my grubby hands on it. i swapped this for my barely used tarte tipsy (never touched it really, i couldnt justify keeping it) and i think that is such a superb bargain. i have yet to use this, so i dont know if the hype is real. i have been trying out too many cheek products lately...

what new additions have you added to your collection? i love swapping, no large amounts of money involved :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

third time's a charm: not so short story on aldo qualheim booties

back in one of my 'items i'm lusting after' posts i mentioned how much i was eying up the beautiful isabel marant dicker suede boots. seeing as this little delight costs $580, i closed that window out and placed it into my mental cupboard of things i wish i had but realistically know i won't get at this point in my life.

fast forward to a few weeks later when i spotted aldo's version of the style, the qualheim, in store. the color was flattering, the material was real suede, all in all, a good boot at a decent price ($90). still i was only mildly interested so i put the boot back on the shelf and thought if the dicker was still around in a couple years i would get them.


well a few months later these boots got marked down to $60. this time i tried them on and walked around. the appeal intensifies since i know the price is lower and also i realize it is a comfortable shoe to walk in. still, i know i want the real deal dammit, so i put it back on the shelf for the second time.

two days ago (i should just avoid the store, eh?) i see these boots are STILL on the shelf. and marked down to a bit over $40. too reasonable of a price to pass up, real deal or not i've brooded over these boots long enough. and so i purchased them...


and i'm glad i did. they will look so great with a crisp white summer dress, skinnies, high waisted shorts, really anything. though i am ashamed i bought a copy-cat (not a fan of endorsing any brand that does) i couldn't ignore the "third time's a charm" rule :P

what do you think of the qualheim boots? how would you wear them? are you guys analytical when you purchase things like i am? i hate shopping with other people because i always feel rushed! i take my sweet time considering how i would wear certain pieces...definitely not a try on quick & checkout type.