Thursday, February 16, 2012

worth the hype?: mac stereo rose

i say i am uninspired to blog yet here i am the next day blogging! i felt like trying out stereo rose today and i wanted to share my preliminary thoughts on it.


divine. no chunky particles, smooth, really easy to work with. i am only interested in the mineralized skin finishes that have great texture and a unique color blend. this MSF passes in both departments.


not too frosty, not matte, just a nice sheen. it has a nice balance of color and shine. it is flattering and doesnt emphasize any imperfections. pigmentation is nice. i dont need to swirl vigorously yet i dont need to be extra careful in applying too much.


i applied this around noon today and right now it is 1AM and the color is still there. impressive, especially since mineral products usually last a shorter amount of time than normal products (or so i hear, i never notice a difference)


in the pan, gorgeous. i personally think the marbled coral is why people go nuts for this coveted item. on the cheeks however, it is just...okay. nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. just...okay. i actually think it looks a bit muddy on me. i see this more as a "topper" or mixing medium with other blushes. but those ARE the main ways MSF's are supposed to be used so i'm not complaining TOO much.


i love the texture and longevity of stereo rose. it is nice to have if you like collecting but if you don't own it i dont think you are missing out to be honest! i am glad i have it since i like collecting hard to find items, but it definitely isnt the most flattering shade i own. BUT i only used this one time so i cant really knock it too hard. i plan on mixing it with other blushes as i think that will yield much better results.

what do you think? do you have stereo rose and adore it? i'd love to hear what you think of the highly sought after MSF.

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