Wednesday, January 27, 2010


actually it is the face of the night since i did this for a night out celebrating my bff's 21st bday. i was feeling very lazy and didnt feel like wearing too much makeup. and the night was going to be low key.

i didnt use much. for the eyes i just put TFSI. then NYX champagne all over the lid with a little embark in the crease for that cut-crease look. revlon colorstay liquid liner for the winged eye. hourglass superficial mascara.

on my face i dusted some CG trublend powder all over to get rid of any shine. on my cheeks im wearing bobbi browns pot rouge in powder pink. thats all i did. nothing too fancy :)

drooling over frye boots

(courtesy of

i am wishing so so bad that i owned these frye veronica slouch boots. but they are so expensive and i just cant justify spending over 300 bucks for them. if they were 200 i would definitely be considering it though. i am gonna be watching these babies until they go on sale, or a deal comes around, or something! i have to have them. ok i dont have to, but i really really want them :)

here is a collage of these boots being worn.

(courtesy of

cmon you cant tell me these arent beautiful! i love them in the distressed black. the very dark brown comes in second place though.

anybody already lucky enough to own any frye boots? i was checkin up on their selection and its so drool worthy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

aldo shoes

i have a formal event coming up in a couple weeks and i needed new shoes. all i have right now are boring (but still classy) peeptoes and pumps. i wanted something with a cage like style, or cutouts. and this is what i ended up getting:

ALDO parrin shoe

(image from

im pretty excited to get them :) the only thing im scared about it walking in these, do you see how big the heel is?? but they were on sale and so beautiful i had to get them!

what do you guys think?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

mac haul

lately i have been really into cream blushes. let me just say that i used to not be a fan of cream blushes. just because of my skin; i have acne prone skin with large pores and scarring. that plus cream blush really isnt a good idea, or so i thought at the time. but then i read reviews on bobbi browns pot rouges, i got curious and i ended up trying two of them. i absolutely love them. now i am all about the cream blushes. there is something about them that makes me prefer them over powder blushes right now. they give more of a dewy look which i am loving at the moment.

anyway, on to the point of this post, i went to mac and got two of the cremeblend blushes from the lilyland collection. as well as one regular line cream blush and powder blush. i didnt really see anything in the all sexes races line that i cared for since i already have enough neutral shadows and the beauty powders didnt look special. i ALMOST got the lipstick in Myself because it was so pretty swatched, but i was good and didnt get it :)


joie-de-vivre is a very bright pink coral. its very pigmented. much more than the other cremeblend i bought. my flash made this color look pinker than what it actually is. its actually darker and more coral than this picture.

so sweet so easy

so sweet so easy is a bright light pink. its very girly. im surprised i got this actually because i usually dont wear such a light pink on my cheeks. i go for more mauvey colors. its very easy to wear, however ive found its not as pigmented as joie, i think because the color is so light.

both cremeblends together. so sweet on the left. joie on the right.

joie on the top, so sweet on the bottom


ive been looking at this blush for a long time now. everytime i would go to mac i would almost buy it then chicken out. but i finally bought it ha. lilicent is a creamblush on the regular line. its a dewy apricot color. i really love the color.


another blush i have been wanting but kept changing my mind. this is a regular line powder blush. dont let the pan fool you, its actually darker when swatched. in the pan it looks like an unremarkable dusty light pink. when you swatch it its actually a peachy pink with hints of brown. weird combo but i find brownish shades look good on me.

lilicent on top, mocha on bottom

some people have been wondering what the difference is btw the regular cream blushes and the cremeblend blushes. i find that the regular cream blushes are heavier, more opaque and not as easy to blend in the skin. the cremeblend formula is much thinner, more sheer and easier to blend out. i actually prefer bobbi brown pot rouges over mac's cream blushes. but mac is good too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

wearing cargo blush

here are a couple pictures with cargo blushes on my face just to give you guys an idea of how they look on.

wearing lyon. i didnt put it on too heavily since i was going for a more natural look. it does show up pigmented on my face so i had to tone it down so i didnt look so dramatic. i do love this color.

wearing mendocino. i feel like this is more of a night out color rather than for daytime since it made my face look glowy.

those are the only ones i have gotten the chance to wear this week. i have worn the med matte bronzer which has been working well but i didnt take any pics of it on my face. i still have to try out laguna....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

cargo blushes

sephora is having a 50% off cargo deal right now. i don't know the reason, but needless to say, i was very happy when i found out about it. i kind of went blush happy haha. i previously owned only tonga. i think i found out about this deal late because most of the blushes i wanted to try out were sold out :( oh well i'm happy i at least got to grab some of the blushes.


tonga doesnt look very impressive in the pan. its a very soft light pink. i really like this color. it shows up as a soft natural light pink on me.


laguna is a bright orange and i think it has a very very slight pinkish tone to it. im very interested to see how this shows up on my skin. it sounds crazy right, i mean who would wear bright orange? but im so curious to try it out. i will do an update on how it looks on my skin and i hope it will surprise me. anyone own this? im interested on your thoughts.

heh it looks like i just ate cheetos


mendocino is a berry plummy color with slight shimmers that come off as a sheen. its very beautiful in the pan and swatched.

matte medium bronzer

this bronzer is a tan lightish brown. i thought it looked similar to bobbi brown's bronzer in medium but when i swatched them bobbi brown had more reddish tones to it.


lyon is a matte dark berry color. its actually darker than i could capture. i think from just swatches this is my favorite of them all.


tenerife is a matte beach blush. it has the four colors shown which you can use individually or swirl together. its supposed to come off as a brownish coral when swirled together.

the lightest shade is like a lighter version of the matte bronzer. the second strip is a dark brown, the third is a orange creamsicle color, and the last shade is a pinky coral. the last coral color actually is more vibrant than how it showed up on my finger.

(from down-up) tonga, mendocino, lyon, laguna

all cargo blushes are super soft and very easy to blend. its so soft that when i use it i usually just dab the brush in the pan, i never swirl it because so much product comes up. this doesn't bother me, but i know it bothers others. all of them come in a palm sized tin. again, the packaging doesnt bother me but i've heard others don't really care for it. i will test out the colors this week and see how they appear on my face.

what cargo blushes do you own/love?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i caved

i've decided to start beauty blogging. im in no way an expert, i just really enjoy the makeup world and want to share my thoughts on certain products and see everyones thoughts too. let's see how it goes :)