Thursday, May 27, 2010

FOTD: blue lashline

here's a FOTD. just a neutral lid smudged with light blue eyeshadow on the bottom lash line.

nyx shadows for the lid: champange, walnut, eutopia
urban decay shadow in painkiller for the bottom lash line
milani liquif-eyed metallic liner in black
stila kajal liner in onyx on tightline/waterline
lashblastfusion mascara

desire blush (very lightly) on cheeks

nyc tinted lip balm in sugar coated

nars haul

i know this post is overdue, i bought these products back when sephora had a friends in family sale...which was around mid april...yikes. anyway i just bought some nars products (my fave) plus i showed all of the nars blushes i currently own at the moment.

e/s duo in eurydice

this duo comes with an electric metallic purple with blue shimmers and a darker gray with shimmers. i bought this because of the purple color. love it.

blush in madly

this blush looks very unremarkable in the pan, but dont let that fool you. this could be one of my favorite blushes. it looks like a tan light brown but actually it is more of a light browned pink (which you know is my favorite combo when it comes to blush color). it suits my skin tone very well. dont let the pan fool you!

blush in amour

a matte peachy pink. or a coral color. think of orgasm blush, but matte and with no gold shimmers. i love this color, because i love orgasm. when i think of this color i always picture myself wearing it when i wear flowy white shirts. its a very soft romantic color to me.

wearing amour

blush in deep throat

naughty name, nice blush. this is a light pink with a touch of peach and shimmers. very innocent color. many people like this blush more than orgasm, but i like orgasm more actually. this is a nice color too though.

wearing deep throat

the next few blushes mentioned i have had already, but i thought i'd throw it in for reference. i will probably do an updated nars blush collection later when i collect some more hah.

blush in orgasm

yes yes the famous orgasm. some people dont understand the hype, others love it. i am in the love it catagory. it always adds a glow to my face when i wear this. the gold shimmers that are laced within this peachy pink blush are not disco ball like on my face, it shows up more as a sheen. whenever i use a blush and it turns out unpigmented or disappointing, i always add this on top and it makes everything better. its the first blush i got from nars which was about three years ago.

blush in desire

if you have been following my blog you already know i love this blush. bright shocking pink, but dont let the color scare you. very flattering color if you apply right.

blush in sin

one of the darker shades i own, a berry color with gold shimmers. again, the shimmers are not overwhelming. very nice color

i have nothing bad to say about the nars products i own. the blushes and e/s are very pigmented, last a long time, and are beautiful colors. i definitely think the price on these is worth it.

enjoy your weekend everyone <3

NOTD- OPI dating a royal

here i am wearing a fun summer color...bright royal blue. i really love this color. its my first time wearing it, but its such an eye catching color. the first coat went on a bit streaky, however after the second coat, things were smoothed over and the results are shown in the pictures. enjoy :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

001 items i'm lusting after

im sorry for the lack of posts. at the moment my sister has my usb cord for my camera so i can't upload pictures/videos. so for now, i guess you get to take a gander at a few items i've had my eye on lately hah :)

deena and ozzy perf harness boot:

(image courtesy of
these are the shiz. im pretty sure im going to snag these once there is a 15% off sale code online...or free shipping...or until i cant stand not owning them :)

AA scoop back tank pencil dress:

(img courtesy of
low scoop back, curve flattering dress in black? yes please. i think american apparel doesnt capture the sexiness right with this dress. great for going out.

aa nail polish in california trooper, coney island, and l spirit:

(img courtesy of
i believe these nail polish shades are new to for the summer season. i almost bought these online but i hear if you buy them in the store you can choose three shades of your liking and get it for $15 instead of $6 each. i'll wait until i make a trip to a store to get them, i absolutely love coney island and l spirit. l spirit looks like such a neat color, a mix of pale lavender with a bluish tinge, me likey.

SkinSceuticals Phloretin CF Serum

i've been researching skincare lines because im trying to achieve a better complexion. i have scarring that i am attempting to fade and smooth and i want to have a product that works at preventing any damage or wrinkles. i keep hearing only good things from skinceuticals so i want to try it out eventually. the prices are pretty steep but if it does what it claims i wont complain...

well that's about the main core of what i've been eyeing. once i get my cord back, i will post some more exciting things than this hah :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

review: kat von d true romance palette in ludwig

kat von d true romance palette in ludwig

i recieved this palette from my sister as a gift for christmas. i really like this product for a few reasons.

for one, the packaging is great. it is compact, easy to travel with (which i frequently use it for), and sleek. the packaging has the same matte black rubber that is similar to the NARS packaging. i know some people hate it because it gets dirty easily but i dont have a problem with it.

secondly, the quality of the shadows is great. they are smooth, super blendable, pigmented and finely milled. keep in mind because the shadows are finely milled, they will have a tendency to fly all over if you arent careful.

and lastly, i like this palette because of the colors. there are neutrals that i can use for everyday, as well as some greens and a black in case i want to make a smokey eye or add color. it is a versatile product.

here is a swatch of all the colors:

from L to R: lucifer, orbi, dimebag, tequila, clay, downtown, baroque, leather

lucifer is just a matte charcoal black, orbi is a dark metallic forest green, dimebag is a light metallic green, tequila is a very light (it appears white but its more beige) shimmery yellow based beige, clay is a light shimmery brown based beige, downtown is a champange shimmery pinkish brown, baroque is a milk chocolate shimmery brown, and leather is a standard chocolate matte brown.

i would recommend this product if you are a fan of kat von d, have no palettes and travel a lot, need eyeshadows, or are just a collector. if you have a lot of eyeshadows and really dont think you need anymore, you can skip out on this product since althought the quality is good, the colors are not extraordinary. you can easily find dupes or close enough colors to what is given.

i really like this product and would actually buy another palette from kat von d. perhaps her beethoven one :)

anyone own kat von d products? thoughts?