Monday, May 24, 2010

001 items i'm lusting after

im sorry for the lack of posts. at the moment my sister has my usb cord for my camera so i can't upload pictures/videos. so for now, i guess you get to take a gander at a few items i've had my eye on lately hah :)

deena and ozzy perf harness boot:

(image courtesy of
these are the shiz. im pretty sure im going to snag these once there is a 15% off sale code online...or free shipping...or until i cant stand not owning them :)

AA scoop back tank pencil dress:

(img courtesy of
low scoop back, curve flattering dress in black? yes please. i think american apparel doesnt capture the sexiness right with this dress. great for going out.

aa nail polish in california trooper, coney island, and l spirit:

(img courtesy of
i believe these nail polish shades are new to for the summer season. i almost bought these online but i hear if you buy them in the store you can choose three shades of your liking and get it for $15 instead of $6 each. i'll wait until i make a trip to a store to get them, i absolutely love coney island and l spirit. l spirit looks like such a neat color, a mix of pale lavender with a bluish tinge, me likey.

SkinSceuticals Phloretin CF Serum

i've been researching skincare lines because im trying to achieve a better complexion. i have scarring that i am attempting to fade and smooth and i want to have a product that works at preventing any damage or wrinkles. i keep hearing only good things from skinceuticals so i want to try it out eventually. the prices are pretty steep but if it does what it claims i wont complain...

well that's about the main core of what i've been eyeing. once i get my cord back, i will post some more exciting things than this hah :)

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  1. i got some boots like these in grey : ) i did a post on em from journeys so you might check it out?