Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wearing R&R blush in all-nighter

well hello, here is a picture of me wearing the rock and republic blush in all-nighter:

as i mentioned in my review yesterday, it shows up more coral on the skin rather than the orange showed in the pan. also note that the shimmers are not very noticeable (no discoball face here!)

not the best picture, but hopefully you get the idea of what it looks like on the cheeks :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

review: rock & republic contrived pressed blushes

i recently bought three rock & republic blushes. i heard there was a 50% cosmetics sale on the rock&republic website when you use the code ROCKCOSMETICS at the checkout, so i took this as a chance to try out their blushes since i heard the quality is that of nars (my fave). the blushes normally retail for $40, so i got each of these for roughly $20. i decided on three blushes: foreplay, all-nighter, and x-rated.


foreplay is definitely a neutral blush. i would describe it as a nude peach with brown tones. usually subtle colors like this requires many layers of application in order for it to show up on my skin, but with this i dont have to use nearly as much as i thought.

comparing R&R foreplay (right) to mac's melba (left)

in the pan, melba has more peach to it than foreplay. you can see how foreplay has more brown/tan tones to it compared to melba.

here i swatched (from left to right) mac's lilicent, mac's melba, and R&R foreplay. again, the brown/tan tones in foreplay are more apparent when swatched to the more peachy pink tones of lilicent and melba.


all nighter is a deep orange with slight pink tones and dusted with tiny gold flecks. but when worn on the skin, the pink tones come out so it looks a bit like coral. when i first saw this, it reminded me of cargo's laguna.

comparing R&R all-nighter (left) and cargo laguna (right)

as you can see, the color is extremely similar in the pan besides the obvious fact that all-nighter has the gold shimmers. if you looked really closely, you can see that all-nighter has more of a pink/red tone compared to laguna.

when swatched, the differences in the blushes show up better. you can see how all-nighter(right) has more pink tones to it that almost makes it coral whereas laguna (left) is defintely more orange.


x-rated probably is my favorite out of the three i got. it is a deep pink/fuschia color that is matte. it is gorgeous on, giving an appearance of a nice healthy flush. the application process i use for nars desire also applies to x-rated, where i only have to tap my brush lightly into the pan to get enough product.

comparing nars desire(left) to R&R x-rated(right). the color is not similar at all since desire is more of a hot pink and x-rated is a dark pink.

desire(left) x-rated(right) the differences in the two are even more apparent when swatched.

overall i am very satisfied with these blushes. they are exactly as i expected in quality, where they are super pigmented, long lasting and the packaging is so luxurious. you get quite a lot of product too, much more than mac and nars, even more than cargo as well. for the $20 each i paid, i think it is well worth the price for the quality. i wish more colors were available or else i would have gotten more!

do any of you own and R&R blushes?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

FOTD & NOTD: pinky neutral & revlon peach petal

aha im keeping up with this whole blog thing :P i am currently in the process of looking at new cameras so my youtube will be on hiatus until i can get a new camera that records in HD. as for blogging...i can continue on with because the picture quality isnt too terrible :P

here is another FOTD i wore yesterday. this is a look i often do. it is very neutral and matches any outfit i throw together.

excuse the mascara blob in the picture :)

i also went to walgreens with my mom because she wanted a new nail polish and it turned out they were having a BOGO 50% off sale on revlon so she had me pick out a color too. i randomly chose revlon's peach petal off the rack since we didnt spend much time there:

this nail polish surprised me. i was expecting a sheer mess or a light pink that looked tacky and im pleasantly surprised to say that this is neither. this polish did require three coats however, because it streaks a bit. but for the 2.70 that was paid for this i didnt mind working to make the formula work on my nails. the resulting color is very nice. its a milky baby pink with peach tones to it. my mom loves the color on me. my older sister saw my nails and exclaimed it was the light pink shes been looking for all along haha.

my NOTD and FOTD

here is what i used for makeup(as usual, mostly mac products unless otherwise mentioned):

small amts of revlon colorstay foundation all over
warm soul bronzer all over
well dressed blush
CCB in hush on cheekbones and bridge of nose

painterly PP
naked lunch all over lid
embark in crease
shroom as highlight
brun in outer v
UD 24/7 liner in zero
stila kajal liner in onyx on waterline/tightline
MUF smokey lash mascara

nothing on the lips

i wore some foundation today for the first time in what seems like forever (really its been years...since i was in high school!) i usually dont like the feeling of foundation because i like my skin to breathe but yesterday after i showered my skin became a blotchy mess. i needed something to even out my skin.

i hope you all are enjoying your wkd!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

FOTD: dusty neutral

this is something i threw together today on my lids. i was wearing a navy shirt so i decided to add a little dark blue to my routine neutral boring brown look.

the dark blue prussian shadow ends up looking like a smokey grey when blended out which makes this look wearable.

products used (mostly mac unless otherwise mentioned):

mocha blush
warm soul mineralized blush as bronzer
hush CCB on cheekbones and bridge of nose

painterly pp
brule as all over wash
prussian in crease
mulch in outer v
honey lust on center of the lid
urban decay 24/7 liner in zero
makeup forever smokey lash

hue lipstick...thin layer
estee lauder pure gloss in impulsive coral

im trying to show some love to those shadows i rarely reach for...prussian and honey lust. i dont use prussian much because it doesnt come off as the blue it shows in the pan. as i mentioned earlier...it always smokes out into a grey. as for honey lust...the texture is harder to work with compared to other mac shadows. it has minor fallout and has low color payoff, although it is sparkly which is why i chose to use it in the center of my lid.

the weekend is approaching...i hope you all have fun plans :)