Saturday, February 20, 2010

NOTD- China Glaze For Audrey

i am completely and entirely wishing it were spring time. i dont want snow anymore, i want blue skies and sun! if you couldnt tell from my blog layout, i love sunny skies :)

anyway, my nails as of lately wre inspired by blue skies and my dreams of spring being here. China Glaze For Audrey. i quite like it.

review: EOS lip balm

EOS, or evolution of smooth, lip balm comes in a very cute round package that you would think be annoying for application, but it actually is pretty precise. it comes in three scents, honeydew melon, summer fruit, and sweet mint. when applying, a thin amount of product is left on your lips with no stickiness. your lips feel softer and smoother after. my favorite scent is the summer fruit, in the red packaging. i recieved these for christmas from my sister.

HOWEVER, for me, it dried my lips out bad. the driest and worst my lips have ever ever been bad. i had to nurse a big dried spot on my lip for a month for my lips to turn back to their normal selves.

i liked everything about the product besides the major fact that it dried out my lips! which its job is to do the direct opposite. i really wanted to like the product since it was so cute and unique. but i cant because of the job it did on my lips.

have any of you had a problem with this product?

review: yves rocher ADN vegetal cellular renaissance

yves rocher ADN cellular renaissance cream claims to keep your skin youthful and make it appear more perfect by renewing cell growth. it is suggested to apply a pea size amount all over your face in the morning and night. i used it at night only. ive been using it for over a month and a half and i have to say...i dont like it very much.

the cream smells good; clean, light and non-offensive. it's a baby pink color that is light and soaks in the skin fast. but it did leave my skin feeling a bit more oily than normal after application. it comes in a cool compact that is easy to store.

BUT. this product makes me breakout. i liked everything about this product besides that deal breaker. im not sure whats in it that does it, but it makes my chin and upper lip area (weird? i know) breakout like crazy.

my skin type is mostly normal but can be oily. i would say my skin is a snob ha. what i mean by that is it does not accept many products that are normally harmless to the average person. salicylic acid for example, makes my skin breakout in whiteheads everywhere it touches. and cetaphil moisturizer makes my skin turn into grease.

if you have truly normal skin or even dry skin, this probably would be perfect for you. my skin is just very temperamental. i can only use certain products for it to be happy. its not too expensive, i paid about $40 for it and you get a lot of product. as for the product doing what it claims, i cant tell since i was so distracted by the breakouts. i plan i giving this to my sister or mom to try out, since i have so much product left over, as you can see.

anyone try this product?

valentines day

i had an event to go to for valentines day. i didnt really take pictures, so i stole some from my roommate who did :)

forever21 strapless dress. parrin shoes from aldo

i actually don't really care for this dress at all, but it was cheap, i had it in my closet, and i didnt want to spend anymore money for a new dress. plus the pattern just screams (obnoxiously haha) valentines day. the shoes are from aldo, as i said in a previous blog, which i purchased recently (another reason i didnt need a new dress). they are very high heels, a bit hard to walk in if you arent a heel queen. but i managed ok in them for about 4 hours :) and they are so gorgeous. i love them!

for my face, i wore nars concealer custard concealer for covering blemishes. light dust of CG powder all over. benefit's hoola bronzer. bobbi browns pot rouge in blushed rose (my fave blush ever!) with a tiny bit of benefit dallas over to set it. i also used NYX jumbo e/s in cottage cheese as a highlight on my cheekbones and dusted Physicians Formula shimmer strips in vegas all over my face, chest and shoulders.

for my eyes i used a mixture of things. NYX jumbo e/s pencil in black bean, NYX e/s in reb bean pie and rust. MAC shroom for highlight. urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in zero. HIP truth cream liner in black. NYX false lashes. Hourglass superficial lash mascara.

for my lips i used my fave combo, MAC's myth and L'oreal HIP lip jelly in plush.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wearing cargo blush pt 2

here's a picture of me wearing cargo's laguna blush (i said in an earlier post id wear it and get back to you on what i thought). it's not as scary on the face as in the pan. on me it comes off as a nice peachy color rather than a cheeto cheese :) i rather enjoy it a lot ha.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


(courtesy of

this is so beautiful. i am really really restraining myself from getting this..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

drugstore haul

my original intention of going to the store was to only buy more of this liquid gold:

marc anthony strictly curls curling lotion

but an hour and a half later i came out with this...

booo. i suck. well in my defense i COULD NOT find my beloved curl lotion by marc anthony ANYWHERE. i was so sad. i really can not live without this product, it truly perfects my hair routine.

anyway i decided to try the instant straightening cream by the same brand. just in case i couldnt get my hands on the curl lotion (no worries, i later went online at ulta and bought 50 bucks worth to get free shipping ha!) since i use the product as a finishing creme anyway. we will see if this stuff works...i am very curious. it has a very interesting scent. to me it smells like cologne mixed with menthol, if that makes any sense at all ha.

i also got two rimmel soft kajal eyeliners, one in black and one in white, since it was BOGO. i also got a l'oreal extra intense liquid pencil liner in plum since it was on sale for 4 bucks. here are swatches:

when i swatched the two rimmel liners on my hand i was a bit disappointed. they werent soft at all which surprised me since its a kajal liner. the black doesnt seem like a true black, more greyish. and when i rubbed it off with a towel it came off really easily. but im not going to declare that i dont like the product until i actually try it on my eyes...

as for the purple liner, i actually bought it for two reasons. it was on sale and ive been wanting to get a purple base. it went on very creamy when i swatched it. and when i tried to rub it off my hand with a towel it was stubborn to come off. two good signs. we shall see how it holds on my eyes...

not much to say about the ardell lashes, i got em in DEMI. ive heard good things about ardell and i have an event coming up this week. i want pretty kim kardashian lashes for it :)

you guys try any of these products yet?

wearing so sweet so easy

here's a picture of me wearing the cremeblend blush by MAC, so sweet so easy. excuse my one crazy squinty eye and one widely open eye haha. its a very subtle blush, it looks very natural. you cant really mess this blush up, its so sheer and is very buildable. unlike the regular cream blushes by MAC which are very easy to overkill!

NOTD - tickle my francey

OPI tickle my francey. im not too sure if i like this shade. im inbtw about it. its a nude but it plays tricks on my eyes. sometimes i think its a dirty beige, other times i think its a muted pinky purple. *shrug.