Monday, February 28, 2011

products im loving episode 1

i wanted to a quick post on a couple items i have been using like crazy and have been loving!

big sexy hair hairspray
this is the travel version (so i can take it with me when i am in costa rica next week!) but i also have the full verison. so before i review this product i should describe my hair:

naturally very curly, very dry, prone to frizz, hard to straighten, does NOT hold a curl for long (with a standard drugstore iron, it lasts about 20 minutes! with a high end iron a couple hours), i have thin strands of hair but lots of it so i have medium volume overall. i can not brush my hair dry (frizzy disaster) and i can not blow dry my hair without a diffuser and some sort of product incorporated in my hair (again, frizz ball).

i have tried many different types of drugstore hairspray (tressume, garnier, herbal essences, pantene pro v to name a few), and seriously none of them do anything for my hair! for me, the purpose of hairspray is to hold the curls i make with an iron and most importantly, to add tons of volume. i dont care much about if it has the ability to be brushed out or not. with this hairspray, i get these results:

fluffed and ready.

this is the best hairspray i have ever tried. i am seriously in love with it. it adds so much volume to my hair! i usually use it after teasing my crown as well as when i spray at my overall roots and fluff my hair to give even more volume.

the only con i could see this hairspray having is it can get a bit stiff and hard if you go overboard, but that is easy to avoid (just don't spray too much ladies!). it also has your expected hairspray scent, but i dont find it to linger long. i absolutely love this hairspray and i would definitely buy it again. i havent dabbled too much in higher end hairsprays so you ladies will have to tell me your favorite ones! please share what is your favorite, i'd love to know.

btw i also used this hairspray in THIS post as well as in THIS post.

physicians formula shimmer strips in vegas strip
this is something i've had buried in my sea of makeup and had forgotten all about it. i randomly decided to use it last week and i continue to keep reaching for it.

it is not by all means a must have product, but it is a very decent one. i have been using the lighter end for both highlighting (inner corners of eyes, cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow...) and the darker end as an all over eye color for busy weeks (like i have been having lately). it is a shimmery/frosty finish, so if that isnt your thing i would avoid this. it is subtle though. ive been wearing this with a bit of blush, mascara, and lip gloss and im out the door.

a subtle shimmer that still looks natural. im only wearing the shimmer strip and voluminous mascara here!

another good thing with this product is it looks SO beautiful swirled all together and dusted all over the shoulders, neck, and arm area for nights out or special occasions. that is what i primarily used it for before i discovered it recently!

so those are the two things i have been using like crazy. what are you loving? and dont forget to leave your fave hairspray recommendations!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

FOTD: naked satin

here's a quick face of the day i did yesterday. pretty neutral and more on the taupey brown side, rather than my normal browns.

i also wanted to show you guys my lashes after using the ysl faux cils after it has dried out a bit. you can see it doesnt clump nearly as much and adds a decent amount of volume while being jet black.

maybelline dream smooth mousse
mac MSF med+
bonnebell glimmer bronzer
nyc sunny bronzer
nars desire blush
ccb in hush + nars albatross as highlight

mac pp in quite natural
naked lunch all over lid
satin taupe in crease
dark devotion in outer v
scint as highlight
lineur intense carbon black liner
mac smolder on waterline
ysl faux cils mascara

light layer of gaga
mac florabundance lipgloss

hope you all are having a good day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

review: revlon colorburst gloss

revlon recently came out with a new line of glosses; the color burst glosses. from the displays i have seen, all the glosses have a fine shimmer to them and none are a cream finish. there is a decent range of colors from pinks to more berry shades. i picked up two, almost a month ago, in the colors 'gold dust' and 'pink ice'

the applicator
the applicator is different, instead of a doe-foot it is flat and wide. i prefer the doe-foot applicator, since this flat design requires me to keep dipping the wand back inside the pot to get more product.

on to the swatches!

here are my bare lips.

pink ice

pink ice is a milky baby pink with silver sparkles. i find this shade to be a bit sheer since it mostly gives my lips shine with only a hint of color.

gold dust

gold dust is a tanned gold with gold sparkles. this color disappointed me, i was hoping it would be lighter and more nude on me but it makes my lips appear brown.

both these shades are weak on their own but can be saved by layering it with a nude or flesh colored lipstick. the lasting power is a couple hours, not revlon's best. the formula isnt sticky and smells a bit like artificial vanilla cake. the shimmers dont make the gloss gritty, and they arent in your face glittery. i find these glosses to be a bit drying, so i dont reach for them that often. i much prefer revlon's super lustrous line over this new one.

i would not repurchase these, since as i said, i prefer the super lustrous line. some of the shades are very pretty but too bright for me! (im very neutral when it comes to lip shades if you couldnt tell by my safe color choices!)

have you tried these glosses yet? or have you been eying the displays? i know i did before i purchased these...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


just so you guys know...i got a twitter account. *hangs head in shame. i didnt think i would ever be the one to jump on this bandwagon ever (not a fan of ppl posting their actions every second) BUT i joined it mainly to hear about beauty related news quick (sales, fashion, hauls). i will mainly use it to update when i have new blog posts up (which you dont need to know if you are a follower since you see it on your blog homepage), what i am into at the moment, or what i am buying/thinking about buying...

so follow if you dare...dont expect constant tweets because that is not my style. here is the link:

review: ysl faux cils mascara in noir radical

so almost a month ago, i picked up the ysl faux cils mascara in noir radical. since i have had a decent amount of time to fully use it, i've decided to let you guys know my thoughts on it. i've heard all the hype about this product, with its claim to give full voluminous lashes. before i purchased this mascara my all time favorite mascara was MUF smokey lash. and after? well, i still have to say MUF wins...

comes in a luxurious heavy weighted gold tube.

comparing loreal voluminous (bottom) and ysl faux cil (top)
the brush has regular bristles that are NOT made of plastic material. the brush is also thinner and fuller than loreal's. you can see how the product really clings to the brush, which isnt the best attribute as this makes application not the cleanest and very prone to clumping.

as for it's performance on my lashes...

there is a bit of volume (nothing extraordinary) and the color is very black.

if you can see with my lashes, the mascara clumps like crazy on me! this was taken during the first couple weeks of use.

i have to say i would not repurchase this mascara. i think the problem is that the formula is just SO wet. i had to wait a good three weeks before i could stand using it again, since the formula aired out and didnt clump anymore. after waiting the mascara performed beautifully; it didnt clump, it was a rich black still, it gave me decent volume. but for the price (30 USD), i feel like a high end product like this should not require me to wait for it to perform how it is supposed to. for drugstore i can take it since you get what you pay for...but for high end it is unacceptable!

another annoying trait this mascara has that i need to mention is that it transfers under my eyes. i can't stand when mascaras do that! i really wish i could love this mascara, but the faults override the good. MUF smokey lash is still my number one, even if it does dry out super fast!

have you tried this mascara? am i the only one that had a bad experience with it? what high end mascara is your favorite? i want to try another that boasts black, voluminous lashes!

Friday, February 18, 2011

in the nude

i dont know about you guys, but i am fully embracing the nude/neutral trend that is turning up for this spring. it is such a flattering, feminine color. whether it be a more beige or pink hue , i am loving it all!

american apparel chiffon oversized button-up (courtesy of
simple and versatile. can go with a lot of outfit choices (skinny jeans and boots, flowy yet fitted skirts with flats, etc...)

alexander wang rocco bag in latte (courtesy of
i prefer the black version of this bag, but the nude version is also very beautiful.

alice + olivia drape back flutter dress
so sexy, i love the simple front and i especially love the draping in the back.

halston jenny fold clutch (pic courtesy of
still not over sparkly things!

free people long sleeve lacey stripes top (courtesy of
ever since i saw the picture of selena gomez rockin this shirt in purple, i have been lusting after it.

so many beautiful pieces. i do wish that the cole haan stella air booties in nude from a couple years back were still available, because they are the perfect little booties!

are you loving the nudes showing up everywhere?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the world is melting, yet i am carefree

my surroundings are suddenly sunny and all i've been hearing for the past two days is the splashing and drippings of the ginormous icicles and slumbering snow falling from the rooftops and trees. i know i am not the only one happy to say good riddance to the snow! it is probably a short lived warm spell, but i will take it for what it is without complaint.

messy carefree hair so i am free to run around as i please.

look at this little guy hiding away.

sometimes i wish i could just grab the sun to make it stay put.

haha im pouting because the camera is too close to my face. but check out my adorb cat eye shades 8)

excuse my glazed eye appearance; def the sunglasses fault ha. this is my carefree makeup look. ive been rocking this for the past couple weeks. its easy, fast, and natural. sometimes i like to take a break from all the makeup, you know?

mac MSF in med+
bonnebell glimmer bronzer
cargo med matte bronzer
nyc blushable color stick in plaza pink
rimmel peach blush
mac ccb in shell

loreal voluminous mascara

bonnebell gloss in strawberry parfait.

trench from macys
top and bandeau are from ae
current/elliott jeans
gap belt
steve madden boots
f21 rings & necklaces
bracelets from all over
sunglasses from target
polish is opi 'color so hot it berns'

what is your carefree look?

Saturday, February 12, 2011


last night i went to an event that required me to get all dolled up. here are a couple pictures to give you an idea of what i wore on my face as well as for an outfit...

maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation (#200)
mac MSF in med+
bonnebell glimmer bronzer
nars laguna bronzer
nars deep throat + amour blushes
mac ccb in hush and nars albatross for highlight

mac feline as base
UD gunmetal all over lid
mac reflects gold glitter on center of lid
lineur intense liquid liner
mac feline on waterline
sonia kashuk half falsies
ysl faux cils mascara

mac hue
revlon peach petal gloss

for my outfit i wore a white sequined quarter sleeve dress that scooped about halfway down my back by blaque label. i wore some forever 21 rings, pearl bracelets and aldo shoes.

hope you all are having a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

004 items im lusting after

time for another episode of items im lusting after. i wonder if making these posts serve as a shopping list for me...or a way to deter me from getting everything on it haha :)

guerlain blush g serie noire
supposed to be the fancy sister to nars orgasm. do i need this? absolutely not. do i desperately long for it? yes, yes i do.

nars e/s duo in cordura (courtesy of
boring browns but hey it would definitely get some loving from me. i love rich dark shades of brown. does anyone have this duo as well as brousse? i want both but i hear they are similar duos...

golden goose charlye pull on boot (courtesy of
i absolutely love golden goose boots. i see so many styles by them and i love almost everything they have. but their prices are outrageous! this one retails for about $1300. sigh. if you want to see them in action, search for reese witherspoon or ashley tisdale in golden goose boots. they wear them spectacularly.

now onto a little something i wanted to talk about. some recent trends that have me really scratching my head in puzzlement. here are a couple popular items that i just dont understand why they are!

jeffrey campbell lita shoe (courtesy of
i just dont understand the craze with this shoe. the lace up part i totally understand, i am all for the lace up boot trend; but the overall shape and exaggerated platform just arent appealing to me. they remind me of a modern twist of the 70's platform...

(courtesy of
long lost cousin? any resemblance?

crackle nail polish (courtesy of
this has recently has become the hip new trend for this year and i really dont understand it. to me, it looks like chipped nail polish...isnt that something you want to avoid? opi recently released a shatter polish with the katy perry collection, and china glaze is set to release a WHOLE collection of shatter polishes *face palm.

of course these things are just not for me, if you like them rock it! i also want to mention that i have been loving anything studded. i have always had a love affair with studs (alexander wang rocco bag why cant you be mine?!?), so it isnt a surprise to me. what have you been loving (or puzzled by!) lately?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

lookey what the cat dragged in....

did some damage today. and it feels good.