Thursday, December 30, 2010

003 items i'm lusting after

time for another post about what ive been lusting after and been holding off buying. seems a bit greedy since christmas just passed and i got wonderful things! regardless, here is what ive been looking at from afar lately (all images taken from google)...

american apparel long sleeve cotton spandex u-back dress
i think this dress is so simple yet sexy. it does look very form fitting and very unforgiving if you have any curves you dont want to reveal, but i think the look of the dress will never go out of style. it could be worn for so many different occasions! i want it in black.

ysl arty ring
i think this ysl ring is so glamorous. i love the chunky look of it, with its large stone and textured metal. definitely something that would be a splurge. i do have a tendency to be careless with my rings, but if i ever got this i would definitely watch over it!

enzo milano clipless curler
i own the original ghd, but i cant, for the life of me, curl my hair with it. ive watched countless tutorials and failed at getting anything resembling a look i want. i think i am just very uncoordinated haha. i have a regular curling iron as well, but my hair is never able to hold the curls from it for more than 20 minutes! i heard the enzo is the best on the market, so i really want to try it out to see if it will give me curls that last. plus, using it for curls would be much simpler than the ghd method!

illamasqua precision ink liquid liner
i will always be on the lookout for the blackest and best eye liners out there. ive read rave reviews on this liquid liner, and i am curious to try it out!

that's about all i have been obsessing over. i have also been obsessing over any type of glitter for eye makeup looks, due to the new year crawling upon us! what have you been lusting over?

Friday, December 24, 2010

holiday nails

hello everyone! i hope everyone is enjoying their holiday...i just wanted to quickly post what ive been wearing on my nails for the holiday. i think this nail is perfect for christmas AND new years!

im wearing orly's liquid vinyl as a base with sephora by opi topcoat in only gold for me. only gold for me is a sparkly yellow based gold glitter polish. it has two different pieces of glitter, a small round glitter and a larger hexagon glitter. i think it is so festive and glamorous over the black polish!

what holiday nails are you guys rockin?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

review: loreal voluminous million lashes

loreal recently came up with a new mascara to add to the "voluminous" family: voluminous million lashes mascara. this mascara claims to thicken your lashes while promising a clean application due to the clean brush wiping system. the packaging is a shiny fat gold tube, the brush applicator is very similar to covergirl's lashblast where the spikes are made of plastic instead of brush material.

with two coats

the pros:

+ no clumps
+ doesn't flake off over time
+ true black color
+ does have a lengthening effect

+ formula is a bit thin, making application require more coats than i'd like
+ i see no volume effects, just lengthening

i've been using this mascara for about a month and overall i think this mascara is just ok. i don't hate it because i like the blackness of the formula and it doesnt clump, but i definitely could live without it since i prefer more dramatic lashes. i did find (like the rest of the voluminous line) that this mascara works best over time when the product thickens up a bit. at first, for me, the formula was very thin and required many coats to get the desired look i wanted.

i much prefer loreal's carbon black voluminous over this, the effects are much more dramatic. if lengthening and a more natural look is your motive, this mascara is worth trying out. if you want more noticeable results with volume being your motive, skip out on this mascara. i wouldnt repurchase since i dont think the pros make it extraordinary! you can find this mascara at any drugstore.

have you tried this mascara? thoughts?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

flowerbomb is....da bomb

for sephoras friends and family sale (i know i know forever ago yikes!) i was boring and only got two things. more peter thomas roth max complexion pads (i love these) and this:

viktor and rolf flowerbomb

i think the packaging is super clever since its bottle is in the shape of a grenade. while i was in chicago i came across this fragrance in the sephora there and i fell in love with it. i figured it was a smart idea to buy it during the sale to save some cash.

surprisingly, to me this smells nothing like flowers. i actually do not prefer floral scents at all, i like more woody and amber scents or even fresh scents. this definitely has a dominate sweet scent to it, but it doesnt make me sick. i absolutely love it. it has a decent staying power (probably 5-6 hours) and it lingers on my scarves whenever i spray it on them.

it is pretty expensive, but i think it is worth it! i dont really dabble in scents too much so im content with just having this one.

have any of you smelled the flowerbomb? do you like or does it make you ill? i know everyone has their own preferences :)