Thursday, December 16, 2010

review: loreal voluminous million lashes

loreal recently came up with a new mascara to add to the "voluminous" family: voluminous million lashes mascara. this mascara claims to thicken your lashes while promising a clean application due to the clean brush wiping system. the packaging is a shiny fat gold tube, the brush applicator is very similar to covergirl's lashblast where the spikes are made of plastic instead of brush material.

with two coats

the pros:

+ no clumps
+ doesn't flake off over time
+ true black color
+ does have a lengthening effect

+ formula is a bit thin, making application require more coats than i'd like
+ i see no volume effects, just lengthening

i've been using this mascara for about a month and overall i think this mascara is just ok. i don't hate it because i like the blackness of the formula and it doesnt clump, but i definitely could live without it since i prefer more dramatic lashes. i did find (like the rest of the voluminous line) that this mascara works best over time when the product thickens up a bit. at first, for me, the formula was very thin and required many coats to get the desired look i wanted.

i much prefer loreal's carbon black voluminous over this, the effects are much more dramatic. if lengthening and a more natural look is your motive, this mascara is worth trying out. if you want more noticeable results with volume being your motive, skip out on this mascara. i wouldnt repurchase since i dont think the pros make it extraordinary! you can find this mascara at any drugstore.

have you tried this mascara? thoughts?


  1. very nice post i like the way you did the review of the mascara! i have been wanting to try the vlouminois but about a month ago i just bought the falsies mascara so im going to wait to finsih it! by the way the falsies is amazin u should try it out :)

  2. uuuuuhhh are u serious??? ur lashes are pretttttyyyyyyyyy i am so so gonna try this out :)

    Rinz @

  3. I liked this mascara but I am waiting until it dries up a bit and hopefully thickens so that it's better to use. I found it very wet.

  4. I have this mascara and I have to agree with you on it. I wish it was more Voluminous like it said on the tube. :) Regardless, you are gorgeous and your eyes really stand out.

  5. How funny, I was just looking at this mascara at Wal-Mart the other day. I have been using MAC Plush lash for the last year, thinking about using a different mascara. I am blessed with long lashes, however they tend to be thin, I need VOLUME!


  6. @ barbie gone bad, no i havent tried the falsies yet. i want to though! i used to use maybellines colossal mascara but it always flaked on me so i'm scared the falsies will have the same effect.

    @rinz aw you are sweet. hopefully you like it!

    @justine yea i found it a bit wet at first too, but it gets less wet with time. it doesnt thicken up enough to my liking though.

    @mara aw thanks, you are so sweet :)

    @beautyaddict thank you!