Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the must try: revlon matte lipsticks

Almost two years ago, I started a series on this blog called The Must Try where I talk about star items I think stand out within a brand and would be something I recommend you at least try out. Last time I talked over MAC's paint pots. Today I am going to talk about Revlon's Matte Lipstick line.


Currently there are 9 permanent shades readily available: Stormy Pink, Sky Pink, Smoked Peach, Nude Attitude, Pink Pout, Mauve It Over, Really Red, Fabulous Fig, and Wine Not. I own 6 shades; 2 are discontinued and 4 are part of the permanent line. Here in the USA they are very affordable, ranging around 5-8 dollars depending on where you purchase it. I know this isn't the case in other countries where Revlon can potentially be pricey.


Not all shades are created equal when it comes to pigmentation strength, however, they do all have the same soft matte finish. Because of this, prepping the lips is a must. Any flakes or dryness will be accentuated so soft, flake free lips are needed if you want a smooth finish. This doesn't bother me as I always prep my lips before application of any lipsticks with Nuxe Reve de Miel. I don't find these lipsticks to be excessively drying or uncomfortable. Most of them wear easy on their own but some work best mixed with other products.


Left to right we have Nude Attitude, Pink Pout, Mauve It Over, Strawberry Suede, Really Red, and In the Red. My most used are Nude Attitude due to its layering possibilities and Really Red due to its beauty. Strawberry Suede and In the Red are the newest to my collection.


Nude Attitude is the lightest shade of this line and probably the most popular. It is a very warm nude and has no hints of pink. This shade will NOT suit everyone. I never wear it on its own since it makes my lips disappear into my complexion. I do like using it for blanking out my lip color to add a more colorful gloss on top. Out of all the shades I own this is the least pigmented and goes on the patchiest. It isn't the best option for a nude lipstick since you could essentially get the same effect with some concealer.


Pink Pout is my least reached for shade. I blame this on the fact that it is such a cool toned pink, something I don't find to be the most flattering on my warm skin tone. This is said in the blogging world to be very similar to MAC Snob. I used to really enjoy this color back when I first bought it since I liked how bright and different it was. Now I don't care for its loudness and rarely reach for it. It takes a few swipes to get full pigmentation due to the light color.


Mauve It Over is a very office appropriate color. It is very similar to my natural lip color, only slightly more muted and less rosy. I actually enjoy the strangeness of the color on me. It looks very natural and polished albeit a little boring. No pigmentation problems with this one. I can see this looking very nice on olive and mocha skinned girls.


Strawberry Suede is a shade I talked about already in its own post. It is the brightest and most eye catching color in this line. It also is frustratingly discontinued. Although I prefer more orange-reds compared to pink-reds, this shade is still very beautiful and I understand why it has such a following. If you happen to come across it I definitely recommend it since it is a very unique color that would flatter most complexions.


Really Red is not for the fainthearted. Out of the six colors I own, this has the richest color pay off. It is a true bold red. The lasting power is fantastic. I initially didn't like this color since I never had the courage to wear red lipstick. Since I have experimented and tried different bold hues, this has wiggled its way into my comfort zone.


In the Red is the newest matte lipstick to make its way into my collection. This is another discontinued color that I happened to find at Big Lots for $2. It is not as bright as Really Red but it still is bold. It leans more burgundy/brick colored which is my preferred color family when it comes to red lipsticks as I think it looks striking against dark hair.


Skip out on Nude Attitude and Pink Pout unless you really have a soft spot for the particular color. They aren't the greatest in pigmentation and the colors can be difficult to pull off. Mauve it Over is a more mature shade but can be refreshingly different on certain skintones. Strawberry Suede is discontinued but if you happen to find it, snatch it up since the shade is very unique and eye catching. Where this matte lipstick line really shines is with its reds. Really Red would be a fantastic choice since it is a true classic red with rich pigmentation. In the Red is discontinued but still very beautiful and worth looking for, especially if you prefer darker/brick reds.

Revlon is probably my favorite drugstore brand when it comes to lipsticks. They are affordable, easy to find, and the colors are expertly made. I like the matte line because the finish can really make the color stand out without the distraction of glossiness. I plan to pick up the shades Fabulous Fig and Wine Not eventually as they both seem like promising shades. The other permanent shades don't pique my interest since I don't wear pinks that often and Smoked Peach looks a bit too brown for my taste.


On a side note, I did a blog post on my collection of this matte lipstick line almost three years ago in THIS old post which has been one of my most popular reads to date. I am slightly horrified by my abysmal photography skills (or lack thereof?) in it but I can't bring myself to get rid of it since I like reflecting on how much progress I have made with time as a blogger. Its nice to have documentation of how much I have learned and grown after all these years. My have my tastes and photography skills changed!

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