Thursday, June 6, 2013

foundation mixology

For my base, I don't like anything too matte, full coverage, or hard to blend. I want my skin to look like skin, funnily enough. Although I have acne scarring, my main concern most definitely is not to cover them up completely. It is difficult to cover them up entirely without looking like I'm wearing a thick veil of makeup due to my skin's less than smooth texture.


I don't know what I was thinking when I picked up Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation. I picked up it randomly and on a whim ready to try something different. I do admit that it is a good foundation but as I said in my review of it, it doesn't fit my needs and isn't the best for daily use. By itself it is too matte, has full coverage, and is best reserved for special events. Instead of having it sit around collecting dust or going through the hassle of returning it to the store, I decided to get creative. Why not mix a little moisturizer and, to get really fancy, some Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone?


One pump of foundation, a decent sized blob of Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body moisturizer, and the smallest dab (really, this Becca stuff can be potent. Anymore and I look a little too dewy) of some cream highlighter makes up my recipe. If you are scratching your head at my choice of moisturizer, let me explain. This was a freebie at a hotel I was staying it. It most definitely is NOT mega rich; it is has nearly the same consistency as my beloved CeraVe moisturizer so I have been using it up this way and it works very well on the face.


Can you tell the difference? When used alone, the Lancome foundation is noticeably matte and makes my face look very made up. When used mixed up in my little concoction, my skin looks like skin. Another perk is that even though I mixed in the Becca and moisturizer, the long wear time of the Lancome foundation isn't deterred by this. Results like this make mixing up foundations addicting! I have tried this with the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer as well and it also makes it look great, although the wear time isn't nearly as good as the Lancome.


I also wanted to mention I am wearing the Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush in this photo. I promised in this post I would show you what it looks like on: natural, sculpting, and healthy looking. As for everything else:

face: Lancome foundation, Laura Mercier secret camouflage on spots, Maybelline brightener concealer under eyes, Maybelline pressed powder, Estee Lauder Sea Star for bronzer and blush

eyes: MAC Quite Natural PP, Giorgio Armani ETK #28, GA ETK waterproof liner, Prestige my blackest lashes

lips: Revlon Life's a Peach gloss

For the lazy or on the go ladies, foundation mixing is probably a hassle. But I've come to realize I don't mind and even downright enjoy making up my own custom mixture. What else can I combine together...

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