Wednesday, June 19, 2013

review: boscia clarifying detox mask

A few months back Ulta had 50% off all their Boscia products in store. I am quite the fan of their Make Up Breakup Cleansing Oil and their Blotting Linens (I like the Green Tea ones) so I took advantage of the sale to stock up. While I was there, I perused the shelf for something new to try. After much contemplating I settled on the Clarifying Detox Mask.


The description claims that this mask absorbs impurities and excess oil with Kaolin Clay and Phellodendron Bark while also refining the pores with Lavender and Peppermint. It also contains Willowherb which is said to be an anti-irritant that soothes the skin. See below for the full ingredients list.


This mask squeezes out of the tube as a pale mint cream. The scent is nice, a mixture of clean soap with a little sprig of mint. I smear a nice thin layer over my face and upper neck so that no skin patches through and wait 15-20 minutes for it to harden. While waiting I notice the tingle of this mask is quite intense but not enough to be painful. I actually like the feeling, it makes me believe the mask is doing some sort of chemical magic trick to my skin. If you have very sensitive skin I would definitely patch test first. The tingle might be too overwhelming for your skin.


Rinsing this mask off can be a chore. It really sticks on my face so thorough rinsing is needed. I use just my hands but I would recommend some sort of cloth for an easier/faster removal. After rinsing off, my skin looks very happy. It looks softly flushed and the overall texture of my skin feels plumped out and soft. My skin doesn't feel tight or zapped of moisture whatsoever. The next day I'll notice some of my blemishes look more dried out and on its way towards healing.

I think this mask is great and would recommend it. It makes my skin feel less congested, starts up a nice surge of circulation on my face, and softens my skin while drying up any pesky blemishes I may have. I don't recommend this for sensitive skinned gals since I think the tingle during the waiting period will be bothersome to you. But other than that, I think every other skin type would enjoy this since it isn't drying and it purges the skin pretty well. It is a nice little treat to your skin if you are feeling like your face needs a little detoxing. I highly suggest using a cloth for removal since it sticks pretty well to the skin.

This Boscia mask retails for $25 USD and can be found at Sephora. I don't see it available online at Ulta but perhaps in store it is still available since that is where I bought it.

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