Thursday, June 20, 2013

007 items used up

Time for a little update on the items I have used up. I have decided to do a little change with this series by doing a few items at a time instead of a massive amount all at once. That way I can talk more in depth for each product if need be. Plus reading back on my old posts it just seems overwhelming!


So far this has been my favorite scent that I have tried. The lavender was boring but efficient and the tea tree was too medicinal. This one smelled great. I love this soap and will continue to repurchase. I use it on dry patches of skin and for brush cleaning. It is very clarifying so I wouldn't recommend it for the scalp or for all over the body. I plan to pick one up next time I'm at the store. Either in a new scent that I haven't tried or this one again.

One of my favorite perfumes, although I haven't tried many. I feel uncomfortable giving reviews on perfumes since I think scent is VERY variable and everyone has their own preferences. This surprised me when I first picked it up; I was expecting an explosion of floral (which I am not a huge fan of) but it is distinctly more sweet smelling. I wasn't going to repurchase because I wanted to try something new but my sister already gifted me with another bottle as a surprise. I am not unhappy about this.

This was just ok. I can't tell if it was anything to write home about since the sample was so small and I needed more time to form an opinion on it. It didn't break me out but I did notice that my skin didn't feel as hydrated as it could be. After application I still felt tightness in my skin. I wouldn't pick up the full size.

Another one bites the dust. HG moisturizer. Unscented, light formula, absorbs quickly, hydrates without making me oily or feeling greasy. Also very easy to find in drugstores and pretty affordable for the amount you get. I thought about venturing out and trying something new after finishing this but decided why ruin a good thing? Maybe one day I will break the cycle.

I will never be satisfied with any of the hair care I try. This wasn't anything special. In fact I think it dried my hair out.

Perhaps one of my favorite drugstore mascaras ever. Not for everyone though. It has the annoying quality of being at its best once the tube has been broken in for a few weeks. After that, amazing volume in one coat. Towards the end of its life it starts to get a bit clumpy. You can't have it all. I don't consider this HG because of these pesky reasons but I do enjoy its effect when it is at its best so much that I will continue to buy it.

A nice little collection of things this time, less overwhelming to look at! I have a feeling next round will be more skincare and body care items. Makeup is not looking promising, I haven't been using much of it lately!

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