Wednesday, June 12, 2013

recent buys (that were mostly unnecessary)

It has been quite some time since I last did a beauty haul. I've been TRYING to be frugal and use up what I have first which I was doing rather well at (or so I thought). But recently I was put near some discount makeup stores (CCO, Saks Off Fifth) which erased all my self control. I went a little buck wild and picked up some irresistible items.


Let's start with something that I have had on my wishlist for a long time that I spotted on sale for $33.75 USD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick. I have a soft spot for dark vampy lipstick and this definitely belongs in that category. I can't wait to try it on. I also played around with other shades they had available and wasn't interested in any of the nude shades. If I am going to splurge on a Tom Ford lipstick I want a unique color to justify my purchase. I swiped on Ginger Fawn and immediately was attracted to the warm orange color. I haven't heard much about this shade which piqued my interest even more. Notice that the packaging is the old white version (currently it is a brownish almost black color). I kind of like the white packaging more to be honest. I hope the formula isn't different. According to a few blogs I read it isn't but if any of you know differently I'd love to hear your input.

Staying in the makeup corner, I also spotted a lone Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink ($17 USD) in the old packaging which is becoming scarce to find nowadays. I think it is pretty obvious by now that I have an unhealthy obsession with these dang little pots. I'm positive that if I spot any other colors I don't own in the old packaging (where there is .38 oz of product versus the new .13 oz packaging and they both retailed/retail for $25 USD) I will purchase immediately. If only I could collect them all.

The last thing I picked up from the discount stores is Kiehl's Clarity Activating Toner. I know what you must be thinking. Why oh why did you pick up another toner, Kelly, when you just talked about how you have so many backups waiting to be used? Call me crazy. It's ok, I'll agree with you. But it has fancy ingredients like Peony Extract and Citric Acid! And it promises to diminish persistent discolorations (scarring!) and give me a significantly brighter complexion! Yeah, yeah I know...still crazy. But I don't regret picking it up. It originally retails for $42 USD and this store had it on sale for $18. I may be a sucker, but at least I know a deal when I see one!

Lastly we have the oddly shaped little blue bottle of Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation that I didn't purchase at discount price but rather at a full price of $35 USD at Macy's. This weekend I am going to the Bonnaroo Festival (my first time!) which means I am going to be baking in the sun all weekend. I wanted something that doubled as coverage and major protection for my face. I have heard great things about this tiny little bottle such as it has outstanding lasting power, combats oiliness, and still gives great protection. I'll be sure to dedicate a whole review post to it once I test it out fully.

A check off the wishlist, adding to my collection of favorite cream blushes, a totally unnecessary skincare addition, and popping my Shiseido cherry; I'd say I did a good job. Shopping my stash has been fun and all, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of NEW things. AMIRITE? My how spoiled I feel.

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