Sunday, February 26, 2012

mac earth to earth blush & sweet sienna pigment

more thoughts on my swapped products i blogged about briefly before.


quite the beaut in the pan, this blush is. mac's earth to earth mineralized blush was a limited edition product that came out in the Grand Duos collection back in 2009. one side is a marbleized melange of champagne and dark purple, the other side is a complimentary peach. per my usual, i swirl everything together not favoring either side more than the other.


when mixed the color is a dirty peach. the purple and peach may sound strange mixed together but i find they work well together. the one thing that does irk me a bit with this product is that it has some chunky shimmer particles in it. it isnt too terrible but i would prefer for the texture to be a bit smoother and without the random glitter pieces.


the blush has standard mac pigmentation, i dont need to swirl too vigorously yet i dont have to worry about getting too much product. it is pretty fool proof. i really like it on me, it is very neutral and easy to wear.


mac sweet sienna, i think a lot of people went crazy for this? not quite sure as it is an old discontinued pigment. it is extremely pretty. i really wish i had the full size of this. the shade is a quite reflective dark taupe that leans grey.


i am in a one shadow only phase right now where i slap only one shadow over the lid, smudge some feline liner in the lash line, add mascara and call it good. it is quick and flattering, really no brainer makeup. ive been crazy about taupes lately which is weird because i normally stick to browns. i find taupes make brown eyes seem a bit warmer and noticeable.


what are your favorite taupe shadows? im thinking about picking up LMdB corinthian, chanel illusiore, and stila diamond lil to feed my taupe obsession.

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