Monday, February 6, 2012

third time's a charm: not so short story on aldo qualheim booties

back in one of my 'items i'm lusting after' posts i mentioned how much i was eying up the beautiful isabel marant dicker suede boots. seeing as this little delight costs $580, i closed that window out and placed it into my mental cupboard of things i wish i had but realistically know i won't get at this point in my life.

fast forward to a few weeks later when i spotted aldo's version of the style, the qualheim, in store. the color was flattering, the material was real suede, all in all, a good boot at a decent price ($90). still i was only mildly interested so i put the boot back on the shelf and thought if the dicker was still around in a couple years i would get them.


well a few months later these boots got marked down to $60. this time i tried them on and walked around. the appeal intensifies since i know the price is lower and also i realize it is a comfortable shoe to walk in. still, i know i want the real deal dammit, so i put it back on the shelf for the second time.

two days ago (i should just avoid the store, eh?) i see these boots are STILL on the shelf. and marked down to a bit over $40. too reasonable of a price to pass up, real deal or not i've brooded over these boots long enough. and so i purchased them...


and i'm glad i did. they will look so great with a crisp white summer dress, skinnies, high waisted shorts, really anything. though i am ashamed i bought a copy-cat (not a fan of endorsing any brand that does) i couldn't ignore the "third time's a charm" rule :P

what do you think of the qualheim boots? how would you wear them? are you guys analytical when you purchase things like i am? i hate shopping with other people because i always feel rushed! i take my sweet time considering how i would wear certain pieces...definitely not a try on quick & checkout type.

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