Monday, January 16, 2012

heavily under the influence: products bloggers made me buy

i think we all are guilty of it, spending money on products you saw on another's blog. we all are prone to being cast under the influence of another. one of my favorite things about the beauty community is hearing what products others put their faith in. after all, there are so many products and so little time in this world and we need some way of narrowing it down. here are a few purchases i made because bloggers made me do it...


bought this because my skin was craving an extra boost of moisture but i wouldnt have even gave the product a second glance in the body shop if it werent for J! i love this little tonic in a bottle. it is a nice refreshing spray when my face seems a little dull. i usually spritz it on my face before i apply foundation to make things easier or afterward to make my skin feel hydrated and dewy.


this is really a beautiful product and i feel like not many people talk about it. i first saw this because of Sandra. she used it a few times for some of her FOTD and the shade really stuck to me. i had to do a swap for this since it is a PRO item, but it was worth it. i love layering this on top of constructivist paint pot for an antiqued gold eye or even on its own for a complex pale gold shade.

i really debated on getting this since i own over 10 red nail polishes but boy am i glad i did pick it up. i saw Tiffany's manicure with this shade and if i didnt i probably would have never picked this shade up due to essie's massive red lineup. i thought it would be too similar to essie lollipop, but clambake is much more of an orange-red. highly recommend!

essie clambake

i know for sure i wouldnt have given this product a second glance if it weren't for temptalia. im sure all of us have bought something because of christine, her reviews and swatches are phenomenal. i noticed she rated this product as an A+ which doesnt come by often so when i happened to pass by this highlighter at tjmaxx i had to try it. so glad i did since it is one of my favorite highlighters in my collection. so beautiful and the texture is divine.

another product i saw on J's blog. she raved it was her HG lip savior and she was right (as usual). i recently picked this up since my lips have been a bit dry and i wanted to give them some intense moisture therapy. i use it as a nighttime treatment. i love the smooth hydrating formula and the menthol tingle (which isnt for everyone, i personally love it). i find the scent/taste isnt nearly as offensive as carmex (hate when carmex gets into my mouth, yuck).


a drugstore gem. i first heard about these beauties from Danielle since she practically owns every shade and provided helpful swatches. my favorite way to use them is when layering blushes together. usually i set down a matte formula then lightly dust one of these on top. it adds a nice effect, try it!

what products were you influenced by other bloggers to purchase? if you want to see more details on any of the products mentioned, click the links in each category since i linked them back to posts of swatches/it worn on me.

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