Tuesday, January 10, 2012

in love with a polish?: laura mercier twilight nail polish

is it possible to love a nail polish? this is one of those nail polishes that i swiped on and knew right away it was going to be one of my top nail polishes i have ever owned. if dark polishes are your thing, you might want to sit down before reading on.


laura mercier twilight has a smokey dark base with a flecks of purple suspended all throughout it. it is more interesting than just your average dark polish. when applied it actually retains the purple hue so it doesnt just look black on the nails, my number one frustration with dark polishes with a tint.

DSC_6191close up of the flecks.


DSC_6213with flash to show you a better look at the flecks.


i feel like i didnt capture the true beauty of this polish to show you all, but trust me when i say it is beautiful. the formula is really great, i did two thin coats. it isnt streaky or too thick, it applies very fluidly and nice. it has been three days of wear time (washing dishes, cooking, daily activities) and i have yet to see any wear on my mani. i highly recommend this if you love unique dark colors. at least check it out if you happen to cross paths with it! i have nothing like this shade in my collection so i am happy to be able to add it.

what do you think of laura mercier's twilight polish? if you are interested you should pick it up soon, it is a limited edition item!

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