Tuesday, July 5, 2011

swap craze

lately i have been going a little swap crazy. if you dont know what swapping is, see THIS link. i have been trying to get my hands on limited edition products, but i refuse to pay the outrageous ebay prices, hence why i turned to swapping. on to the products:

blonde's gold pigment
DSC_3296this came out with mac' overrich collection. i believe this is a PRO item though. it is a nice neutral base with just the right amount of shimmer. it is definitely a white gold metallic, but on the eye it is a metallic dirty blonde color.

mac mercenary varnish
DSC_3290this came out with the style warriors collection. i havent worn this yet, but the color in the bottle is GORGEOUS. it looks like a metallic burnt gold. i cant wait to try it out.

mac club e/s
DSC_3300i have been dying to get this e/s for a long time but i havent felt like placing an order online. i prefer to buy mac's blushes and e/s in the pan because it is cheaper and easier to store in palette form. club is so unique, a dark brown base with teal duo-chrome. i plan on using a black base with this to bring out the duo-chrome.

mac blush in salsa rose
DSC_3308this is a PRO item, but i also have been wanting this for a long time. i am actually not a huge fan of mac blushes just because i feel their pigmentation isnt up to par and the colors are very blah. but some colors, like salsa rose, are the exception. this is very pigmented and extremely gorgeous in the pan. the color reminds me of tropical punch.

DSC_3354from left to right: salsa rose, club, blonde's gold. salsa rose is a red based pink. i tried to capture club's blueish green duochrome the best i could here but you can definitely see the brown base of it swatched. the swatch of blonde's gold here is pretty accurate.

i havent used any of the products much besides blonde's gold. i really love pairing it with aubergine eyeliner! it really brings out the brown in my eyes. i will post a look i did with blonde's gold soon...

do you guys swap? i think it is a really fun way to get new products without spending too much money at all. plus it helps you get rid of products you let sit and gather dust anyway. it is a win/win deal.

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