Saturday, July 23, 2011

002 vain rambling

it's vain rambling time...posts dedicated to me rambling on about a few beauty products i feel like talking about all in one post so i dont have to do many little posts individually for each product. what do i have to share this edition?

milani baked blush in berry amore
i actually bought this blush in california (at target...didnt know milani was at target!) and i shamefully neglected it once i got back from my trip. i recently dug it up and have started using it very frequently.

it is a really lovely shade...even though the name and veining in the product suggests a berry shows up as more of a glowing bronzed rose on my face. i think i like this shade the most out of all the shades i do have since i can wear this shade on it's own. the others i have (i blogged about them HERE) i find i end up pairing them with other blushes either to tone down the sparkle or to add more depth/color. this color i can apply and i get color AND a not overdone highlight.

milani blush in mai tai
another product i bought and neglected. i gotta hand it to milani, they make some great products for the value. everything i have tried so far has been excellent. this blush is no exception, the color is beautiful...a matte pinkish coral color. not to mention the pigmentation is great, i dont have to work hard to make this show up on my face, which i love.

mai tai on left, berry amore on right. if you want to see how berry amore looks on me, check out my FOTD post HERE.

mac e/s in hocus pocus and parisian skies
these shadows are a part of mac's blogger's obsession collection. i havent had a chance to use parisian skies yet, but i have used hocus pocus countless times. i really love the shade, a nice dark gunmetal grey with silver sparkles. i used this on a bridesmaid for the wedding i was in and i have used it on myself in various looks. it is probably dupable and not a complete must-have but i definitely dont regret my purchase.

hocus pocus on left, parisian skies on right. parisian skies is a nice dusty blue with a blue sheen to it. it is quite pretty, i would imagine i would wear a blue/grey smokey look with it.

nars blush in crazed
this color is discontinued, which is the main reason why i bought it off of it is a beautiful deep raspberry color with sparkles. i have heard this shade is similar to nars outlaw blush. so that means i dont need outlaw...right?!? who am i kidding...i want the whole line up of nars blushes. moot point.

nars crazed. as you can see, once swatched/worn the sparkles just translate into a nice sheen. no hot glittery mess. if you wanted to see how it looks on me, check out my post HERE.

essie polish in splash of grenadine
last but not least, i have a nail polish to talk about. what kind of rambling would this be without me talking about nail polish. this color is nice, a purpley pink hybrid cream. it reminds me of some kind of spring flower for some reason. no problems with the formula on this one, i did 3 coats but could have easily gotten away with 2.

that is all for this edition...what are your vain rambling products? any recent little purchases/discoveries? do tell :)

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