Tuesday, April 12, 2011

milani baked blushes

i am blaming Danielle for this recent purchase of mine...all because i saw her wonderful swatches and rave over these new milani baked blushes, i knew they had to be mine. i purposely sought after these this past weekend, and luckily i was able to find a handful. There are a total of 9 shades, I picked up the only 3 i could find: luminoso, rose d'oro, and dolce pink. I really wanted corallina, but i couldnt find it :( i will have to hunt for it at another store (pathetic). on to the swatches!

luminoso is a beautiful light peach. out of the three i got, this is the least sparkly.

dolce pink
dolce pink is a light yellow based pink. this is the least pigmented out of the three i got, but still pretty.

rose d'oro
rose d'oro is my favorite out the three. it is a coral with gold veining. this one is so beautiful, i stare at it every time i use it. it has just the right balance of orange and pink tones to it.

swatches (from left to right) luminoso, dolce pink, rose d'oro

i have worn all three shades so far since i've purchased them and i am very satisfied with their performance. they are pigmented and last all day on me...i wore luminoso from 7am-10pm and i still had color on my cheeks. very impressive for a drugstore blush since the ones i do own only last 4 hours tops on me.

a few things to keep in mind...if you arent a fan of sparkly, i would steer clear from these. they dont make you look like a disco ball, but they certainly arent matte. and due to it being a mineralized type formula, product does tend to fly everywhere when you swirl, so i would suggest to not swirl so vigorously. also, it's more of a personal preference thing, but i cant stand the packaging. its very cheaply made and bulky. i prefer a more sleek packaging for easy storage and travel.

i have tried a few things from milani and i have nothing bad to say so far with their products. they do a very good job with their formulas and they are such a steal. these cost me about $7.50. milani is a hard brand to find in stores, but you can find it in select walgreens, rite aids, and i have had the best luck at cvs. you can also buy milani online at cherryculture.com.

have you tried these out? if you havent you should definitely check them out! i think they are so good for the price...


  1. Love your swatches and photos Kelly! I am glad you like them so much! :) I know I love them a lot, especially for the price!!

  2. love em! you need corallina! i'm tellin u girl! lol. ;)

  3. I love the dolce pink. It's the most gorgeous colour.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my post! nice blog you have here. The baked blushes look so pretty. I love the look of luminoso!!

  5. @danielle i am so glad i found your blog so i could be introduced to these. thanks :)

    @LJ i know! i will hunt it down, dont worry haha

    @anna it is very pretty

    @penelope np. luminoso is very very nice. it gives such a nice glow

  6. I keep hearing about these all over the internet! They really do look as great as everyone says. I'm just waiting for a sale to happen at a local drugstore now...

  7. @rhapsode yes as soon as you see one snap them up!

  8. oh wow these look so nice! Except a lil too shimmery for my taste.. Your blog has really amazing swatches.. Thanks for the effort =)

  9. I see these every time I'm at CVS and they always catch my eye! The rose d'oro color looks so gorg and perfectly peachy. I think I need to go to CVS and pick it up now! :)