Thursday, April 14, 2011

getting tipsy

this past weekend i had the time to make a little trip to sephora where i picked up a couple things i have been eying. i also got a couple early birthday gifts from my friend Hieu, who i have mentioned before on my blog. he got me the new estee lauder sea star bronzing blush as well as my first mac dazzleglass. thanks hieu! :)

estee lauder sea star bronzing blush
i took this picture after i had used it (which btw was really hard to do because the imprint is so pretty!) so part of the purple/pink overlay is gone. of course like most overlays, they dont last after the first couple swirls. it is more for looks, not for color payoff.

the product has a light tan bronzer background with a pinky coral star fish embedded in it. the colors can be worn alone or swirled together, depending on what look you desire.

swatches (from left to right) swirled together, bronzer, blush
this is a very subtle product overall. the coral star fish has great pigmentation. the bronzer is very light and not overly shimmery. when swirled together you get a subtle bronzed peach.

mac dazzleglass in 'like venus'
like venus is bright pink glitter gloss. it is SO pretty. its actually very dramatic to me, since i tend to get nude glosses with a creamy finish. but i can wait to try this out! its even more sparkly in person.

bare escentuals e/s in nude beach
i have been dying to get this shadow after seeing swatches of it on sandra's blog. i swatched it and fell in love.

tarte amazonian clay blush in tipsy
after hearing all about these new blushes from tarte, i knew i HAD to check these out. i ended up getting tipsy because most of the other colors that caught my eye looked similar to other blushes in my collection, plus the color is gorg!

swatches (from left ot right) mac like venus, BE nude beach, tarte tipsy
this swatch of like venus doesnt do it justice. in person it is much more sparkly and pink. nude beach is a cool taupe with silver shimmers. if you get the chance, SWATCH THIS. it is so beautiful and shimmery in person. tipsy is a very orange based coral, but not so orange that it loses its coral tone.

i havent had the chance to try out tipsy or like venus yet, but i have been using nude beach everyday since i got it and i have been loving it (esp in the inner corners of the eyes).

once i give these a go for a while, i will do more in depth posts of me wearing the products and my true thoughts on them.

have you guys tried any of these products?


  1. I got a sample of tipsy at sephora, but now seeing that estee lauder blush I am debating which one to get cause they are both to die for and the estee lauder is just limited edition! Which one do you like better? honestly? ;)

  2. OMG Kelly! I wanna use my Sea Star Bronzer now because I seen your swatch haha it looks so nice and im sure it will look GREAT when I do my J.LO blush! But that tarte tipy one is AMAZING too because Im looking for a SUPER orange coral like blush ^_^!!!!

  3. @justine ill let you know when i test them out more!

    @hieu that was the blush i was looking at that i told you about! you should check it out at sephora when you go home...they have other fun colors too...i want to get another one :)

  4. You're giving me such the lemmings!

  5. The Sea Star Bronzer is gorgeous! I really want to get it now, and I don't even use bronzers! Thanks very much for the post!

  6. @rhapsode haha blogs tend to do that. resist! :P

    @penelope no problem!

  7. all of the swatches look fab! Im going to be on the look out for nude beach its stunning!!! xxx

  8. I LOVE the EL bronzer! I've been seeing it on so many blogs and can't wait to *hopefully* pick up one of my own this weekend. The colors look like they would give you more of a enhancing glow vs dark bronzing action.

    Also, the BE e/s is gorgeous. I've always wondered about the staying power of BE e/s.. do they last long and come out pigmented on the eyes? I never use loose shadows so I'd love to see a review on them :)

  9. ahhhhhh the EL bronzer is stunnnning!!! And Nude beach melts me! It's so gorgeous! I might have to run and check it out!

    Great post!

  10. I love the look of the Estee Lauder bronzing blush, especially because you can get three different shades out of it. Got to love a multi-tasker!

  11. Cute blog! I love Nude Beach eyeshadow <3 Its one of my faves, 'Celestine' is another pretty one too.

    Thank you for the blog love! And to answer your question "are these your real eyelashes?!", ... I wish! They are extensions! I have before & after pics posted on my blog under the title "Lashes with lou", check it out <3

  12. Oh, wow!I love the Estee Lauder bronzer!Love every single product you got,gorgeous colors!Thank you so much for your comment!It means a lot!xoxo

  13. Wow!j'aime la couleure!!!
    Angela Donava