Wednesday, February 15, 2012

swap craze part II

first things first, i am sorry i have been majorly slacking in posting often. i have many excuses (winter lighting, not enough hours in the day, my job, etc, etc) but what it all really boils down to is i just dont have the inspiration to blog. i am really enjoying quick fixes like instagram (my username is kellyyes, find me!) & twitter (also kellyyes) at the moment though, so if you are that disgruntled, i have been posting little thoughts and pictures everyday for your viewing pleasure until i get my surge of inspiration back.


i thought i would give you guys a little post on some products i've accumulated lately through swapping. every now and then i will get in the mood to swap for harder than average to find items through makeupalley (you can see my first swap post HERE).

this is very flattering, gives such a nice uplifted color to my cheeks. i just swirl and apply, i dont concentrate on any particular side. it does have a BIT of chunky glitter, but i find it easy to brush off with a clean brush.

not a hard item to find but a good item to have. it is a bit of a blah color but it is very pretty and neutral on the cheeks. a browned rose, so to speak. i am glad to have added it to my nars collection.

sweet sienna is so gorgeous. i wish i had a full size of this. a beautiful dark shimmering taupe that leans a bit purple. i looked up pictures and this shade seems similar to mac's smoke and diamonds and stila diamond lil. i have going a bit taupe crazy lately, i will have to do a future post on it.

gold mode i am not a huge fan of. i tried using this all over the lid and it made me look washed out and weird. but i have never been a fan of having only one light shimmering color over the lid, i prefer darker shades.

finally! i have been wanting this for the longest time but i havent been able to get my grubby hands on it. i swapped this for my barely used tarte tipsy (never touched it really, i couldnt justify keeping it) and i think that is such a superb bargain. i have yet to use this, so i dont know if the hype is real. i have been trying out too many cheek products lately...

what new additions have you added to your collection? i love swapping, no large amounts of money involved :)

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