Wednesday, April 25, 2012

late night jewelry lusting...

time for a little late night jewelry lusting. for the past week i have been thoroughly enjoying my recent knot ring i purchased on etsy:


this has sparked a bit of a frenzy in me since for the past few days i have been obsessively looking at jewelry pieces to add alongside my dainty ring.

accessory lusting

the main themes of what i have been eying have been CHEVRON, HAND PIECES, ENGRAVED, and CROSSES

i love me some chevron. such a simple design but the playful V shapes make me so happy. the stacking bracelets shown are by a brand called TOMTOM that i recently stumble upon. i am more interested in this ring, but these bracelets are fun as well.

slave bracelets, hand pieces, ring-bracelets, whatever you want to call it i love it all. i hate falling in love with a design that is older and now sold out like this LOW LUV by ERIN WASSON metal hand piece pictured. i have been scouring the web for a worthy design to get and this is my ideal fit but alas it isnt available anymore from what i've researched. the designer behind the brand is erin wasson, a model you probably would recognize due to maybelline ads. how much creativity she actually puts into the pieces i am unsure of, but i am sure that i love almost everything in the line.

engraved jewelry really tugs at my heartstrings. this double engraved ring by house of harlow especially. i love how it is a connected ring, the chunkiness of the metal and the engraved aztec details. as most of you know, house of harlow is nicole richie's jewelry line. i am a massive fan of her pieces. some of the jewelry is a bit too over-sized for me (search sunburst ring) but overall i cant seem to stay away from the brand.

i have long been obsessed with crosses. something so simple yet beautiful. i am very picky about cross jewelry though. so picky that i dont own any cross pieces because i am very particular. these asos stacking rings are nice to look at but i am afraid of the quality being horrible since the price is so cheap ($14). i recently made a cross ring purchase, but alas i shan't tell until it arrives :)

so far in all my internet surfing, my favorite brands have been house of harlow, LUV AJ, LOW LUV by ERIN WASSON, and TOMTOM. all beautiful but all will cost you a shiny penny. i didnt show any LUV AJ jewelry but it might be my favorite line of all i mentioned. the designer is AJ Thomas, who is only 23! blows my mind that someone around my age is full of such insane, brilliant creativity. my favorites from her are her studded hand piece, crystal rings, and any of the body chains. if only...sigh.

luv aj crystal rings (source)
i wonder what nail polish this is...

what is your jewelry style/lustings? now i shall go to sleep dreaming of chains, engraving designs, and chevron patterns...

btw, if you were wondering, THIS is the seller i bought my knot ring from. i ordered a size 3 to fit it above my knuckle (my normal ring size ranges from 6-7) and it is a perfect fit. i would recommend both the seller and the ring but keep in mind that the overall shipping/processing took about 3 weeks since she makes all her jewelry pieces.

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