Saturday, April 5, 2014

this, not that

Lately I have noticed that a few steps in my beauty routine were taking a new direction. Instead of my tried and true application methods, I have been discovering new ways of packing on the products for a little change. One of the greatest things about the beauty world is how it is ever changing and never boring. Nothing is permanent or stagnant.


I visited my parents last weekend and remembered to pack my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer but neglected to toss in its usual partner, the Real Techniques Detailer brush. I had previously been using these paired together exclusively since the small synthetic head of the brush was great for pinpointing spots, much better than my stubby fingers. I didn't pack my Detailer brush, but I did pack my Essence of Beauty Smokey Wide Duo brush.

This is one of my most loved brushes due to the wide shader side; it is perfect for applying those all over the lid eye shadow shades. I entirely ignored the smaller domed head side as it wasn't stiff enough for my liking to smoke out shadows. But for concealing? It was made for it. Its packed flexible bristles makes the stiff consistency of Secret Camouflage blend out into a workable thin layer that covers up spots much better than the pin pointing I was previously doing. Sorry Detailer, looks like there's a new girl in town and I don't think she will be surpassed.


My previous eye lining routine consisted of framing out my outer portion of the eye with a flick of L'Oreal Lineur Intense. Although I can do this quicker than average compared to other liner methods, I still wanted something quicker. So I turned to using Smashbox Filter eye shadow trio paired with MAC 214 smudging brush. I pack on the dark brown shade close to my upper lashes and then blend it out with MAC 217 to add some soft definition. I like this look for day time as it is looks more natural and eye opening than winged liner. Plus it gives me a reason to use up this darn shade in this trio. Dark eye shadows are so hard to hit pan on.


This is something I have been obsessed with. Instead of reaching for a feminine fragrance, like Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, I have been spritzing on Hermes Terre D'Hermes. I had this little gem sitting in my dish that holds all my perfume samples and randomly sprayed it on one day and fell in love. I rushed home to get a better look and on closer inspection I was surprised to see it was actually a men's fragrance. I am slowly spinning into a panic because I only have a sample size and am going through it quickly.

My favorite place to spray this is actually in my hair! I have read this isn't the best place to spray fragrances because the alcohols can dry out your hair but since I only do a couple small bursts I don't see the harm. It is certainly the longest lasting place since my hair retains the woody cedar aroma for more than 24 hours. I would be willing to bet this would be absolutely irresistible with men's skin chemistry, but for now I'm too obsessed with it on myself to test that theory out.

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