Monday, July 8, 2013

hesitant over fuchsia

Today's topic is about a hue that I am not comfortable in the slightest to wear on my lips (or spell without spell check/a dictionary handy): FUCHSIA. Am I the only one that is a bit intimidated by this color?

revloncolorburstfuchsiapointMY "CHECK-OUT-HOW-UNCOMFORTABLE-I-AM" FACE


I bought this Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia recently while browsing at my local Big Lots. I think I checked out with it in hand more out of curiosity since the color is very much out of my comfort zone. I recently found out the Colorburst line by Revlon has been discontinued so that also pushed me into wanting to try it out. Discontinued items always lure me for some illogical reason. I do wonder why Revlon discontinued the line as it seemed quite popular? My guess is the lip butters booted them out since the balm/lipstick hybrids seem to be all the rage. You can still find these scattered around at discount stores or you can make it easy on yourself by getting it online at All Cosmetics Wholesale. The formula is initially nice being that it is decently pigmented with a not overly shiny finish. It feels light and comfortable. After wearing it for a few hours I notice my lips do feel slightly dry and the color doesn't last as long as Revlon's Matte line.

revloncolorburstfuchsia The color is what you would expect in a fuchsia; a purple-pink hybrid that reminds me of fresh orchids. It is quite a flashy color to me. Definitely not an ugly color, but it definitely IS a color that can be hard to pull off. It is fun and brightening so if you are a fan of color I think you would like it. As for me, I am not sure I will ever be comfortable wearing these type of hues. I feel they look more appropriate on deep skin tones and on those who love bringing attention to their lips since the color stands out.

revloncolorburstfuchiaidkMY "I-TRIED-MY-BEST" SHRUG

Fuchsia is not the color for me although I do like having it on hand to pull out when I am feeling daring or colorful. I have a hard time wrapping my head around pink based lipsticks. Reds and Berry shades are usually my style. Are you comfortable wearing fuchsia?

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