Friday, July 12, 2013

a day at the beach

Am I the only one that likes to wear a bit of makeup to the beach? Of course I don't apply a full face but I do like light coverage with a few touches to emphasize some features. I don't always go into the water, sometimes I just lie on the beach soaking up the sun and admiring the view. Because of this I tend to pick light textures, shimmering finishes, and sweat/smudge free items. Here is what I recently applied to my mug for my beach day.


For my base I am still trying out the Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42. It protects beautifully and has quite a light and natural finish. I work it into my skin with just my fingers since the formula is quite runny. I also doubled up its use as a concealer on some spots I have on my chin (thanks hormones!) This foundation doesn't match me completely since I picked up some color and that is where Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel comes in. I sculpt a little bit of this in my temples and cheeks with my Sephora Platinum 55 Brush that has a little moisturizer on it, a la J's discovery for natural non-orange results. For some color I apply one of my go to beach products: the Nars Multiple Tint. This time I used the shade Beverly Hills, a sheer cherry red. It gives such a natural flush. I finish off my face with Bonnebell Glimmer Bronze loose powder as it give a subtle bronze glow that isn't too shimmery.

For my eyes I usually skip this step if I plan on swimming but I felt like adding some pretty shimmer with NYX Chrome Eye Shadow in Mocha after prepping my lids with Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Potion. I am unsure if this eyeshadow is sold anymore, if it isn't that is a shame since it is one of the prettiest shades I've come across. It pairs best with some smudged black liner. For this I used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline as it is less prone to smudging compared to eye kohl. I also used this in my waterline. To finish up the eyes I applied a very light coat of Prestige My Blackest Lashes Mascara, just enough to make my eyelashes show up.

Last step is the lips. I applied some Estee Lauder Impulsive Coral gloss at first but once I got to the beach I wiped it off in favor of some fuss free Burt's Bees Balm. It was windy and no one likes the hair-in-lipgloss effect.


I ended up hopping in the water for a bit to play with the waves and get in some physical activity while at the beach. So what actually lasted at the end of the day? My Prestige mascara completely disappeared which was to be expected since it wasn't waterproof. The MAC liner completely disappeared from my waterline but it stuck around on my lids. The NYX shadow also impressively stayed intact and untouched, most likely because of the Urban Decay Primer. The Nars Multiple tint disappeared and was replaced with sunkissed skin. As for the Shiseido foundation? It also stuck around, of course not completely perfect with some fading but it still gave me coverage and protection.

Beach days are always something I look forward during the summer. Nothing beats the killer view of the water, sun kissed skin, and the relaxation. Next time I'll be smarter and skip the eye makeup...

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