Monday, July 1, 2013

triple threat facial?

Sunday, the day of rest. I think for most Sunday is dedicated to relaxation, catching up, and perhaps a bit of pampering. This Sunday I took it upon myself to indulge in the latter by trying out an idea I read about over on Vivanna's blog: the Triple Threat Facial. Vivianna states that the TTF is an idea sprouted from skincare expert Caroline Hirons. If you haven't heard of this routine, what it amounts to is using three different mask types, one right after the other, with results giving well cared for, happy skin. The first mask should purge (clay based), the second mask should exfoliate (AHA based), and the final mask should hydrate (hyaluronic/oil based).

To be honest I was skeptical of this idea, hence the question mark in the title of this post. I am not a skin care expert but I always had the notion that applying too much product to the skin would overwhelm it and be counterproductive. But I was intrigued with the idea, especially since each mask had a different job, so I looked upon my army of masks and choose three to recruit.


For the purging step, I chose the Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask as it is my current favorite for clearing out and refreshing. I dedicated a whole post to it HERE. I cleansed off with a muslin cloth and applied the exfoliating Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask. This was my first time trying it out but I must say my initial impression is VERY positive. To be honest I can't wait to use it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I finished off the last step of this facial with the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask and this is where things started to go downhill. I did a post on this mask before and I remember not caring for it but willing to give it a second chance. After using it again for this facial I am positive that I do not like this product. When I rinsed off the Ole mask my skin was looking bright and feeling refreshed. Then I applied the Avene mask and it ruined all the work the previous masks had done. My skin felt greasy and no longer look or felt great. It definitely is not meant for my oily skin type, all it does is add a filmy layer to my skin. I think drier skins would only benefit from it, if that.

So the Triple Threat Facial is a bust this round but I'm not dishearten. I plan to try again with a different hydration mask since the first two steps of the routine had great results. I've been eying the Origins Drink Up mask but I'd love to hear any of your suggestions for your favorites.

What do you think of the Triple Threat Facial? Have you tried it? I am curious to know which three masks you used if so!

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