Friday, July 26, 2013

tom ford ginger fawn


Last month I purchased two Tom Ford lipsticks: the well known Black Orchid and the lesser talked about Ginger Fawn. Today's post is dedicated to the latter. When I first spotted Ginger Fawn in the tube it instantly caught my attention. I proceeded to swatch it and it made me audibly gasp. The shade was fiery without being too fluorescent and the richness of the formula was impressive. I hemmed and hawed on whether or not to get this because even though the color was gorgeous, was it unique? I eventually walked out of the store with this in hand and I'm glad I made the decision to take it home with me.


I know I have said a zillion times that I am not a lipstick girl. But I have to say, when I do wear lipstick I just love an orangey red (and deep berries, but more on this later in the year). I would consider Ginger Fawn to be classified as an orange. There isn't much red to it. It has a SLIGHT pastel quality to it, which worried me as I prefer brighter and bolder hues compared to the muted pastel variety, but this doesn't translate on the lips.


The formula is rich and non-drying at first application. Think a glorified MAC creamsheen and that is what this resembles. It does have glossiness to it but it isn't too distracting. I can see why people love Tom's lipsticks. They are richly pigmented and glide on very creamy. However I do find wear time to be not the best and also it tends to be quite drying with time. For the price point these are at (48 USD), for me they are only worth it for the unique, heart stopping colors in the range. You can get a nude anywhere, you know? And the formula isn't the best of the best. I'm dying to get a hold of Wild Ginger which seems much more red and intense.


Bottom line: gorgeous shade but tends to feel drying with long wear. If you aren't afraid of orange lipsticks give it a swatch in person. If you are afraid of orange lipsticks...give it a swatch in person. It might surprise you! It isn't as flashy as you think. I would think this would be particularly striking against pale skin.

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