Friday, August 9, 2013

failproof favorites

Ever since I can remember, favorites have been difficult for me. When people ask, "What's your favorite song?" or "What's your favorite color?" or even "What is your favorite food?" I am at a loss at what to respond with since I love variety and my tastes expand across all different genres. This is no different when it comes to beauty products. That's why when I declare something to be my favorite, it is a pretty big deal.

I wanted to focus today's post on a couple products I used recently that made me realize just how much I love them. I'm talking I-want-these-in-my-makeup-stash-at-all-times love. They never disappoint whenever I use them and always look flattering on me.


This looks completely scary and intimidating in the pan. But trust me when I say that when worn sheerly and applied lightly, it is absolutely stunning. The texture is dry and the finish is matte so a fluffy brush works best with this. The lasting power is outstanding; I will apply this in the beginning of my day and have minimal fading by the time of removal. I have nothing bad to say about this blush but I do have a word of caution: I don't think it suits everyone. It is such a shocking pink shade that I think it potentially could make some golden skintones look ruddy and red instead of freshly flushed. I would definitely try this on in person before purchasing.

While I don't think MAC makes the best eye shadows on the market, no one can deny they have probably the most extensive variety of colors. I think everyone who initially comes across MAC in store is awestruck/overwhelmed by the rows upon rows of shades available. This is one of the gems in those rows. Sable is a shimmering plummy bronze. I tend to wear this shade when I know I am going to special events or if I am being photographed. I would consider it a neutral with a twist since the plumminess adds a little something extra without being too loud or colorful. It looks wonderful on brown eyes.



These are my security blanket products. When all else fails, I know these products won't. Desire is actually a product my older sister loves and declared recently that she never wants to be without it. Now that is some serious love. What are your failproof favorites?

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