Thursday, August 22, 2013

review: shiseido sun protection liquid foundation

For the last couple months I have been trying out the Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation. Let me start off by saying I feel bad at the timing of this post since this product is technically a more "summer" product. But hopefully this is a helpful resource for next summer, those who live in perpetual hot weather, or those who just appreciate having a high SPF foundation.


This is a liquid foundation that claims to protect against UV rays while having full coverage that glides on smoothly and evenly with no stickiness. It should resist perspiration, water, and oil, while maintaining a matte look on the skin, even during outdoor activities. It comes in a small, palm sized turquoise plastic bottle. The packaging has no pump but it does have a small plastic spout to release the product with more control.


This foundation has a very watery, thin consistency making me prefer using my fingers with this foundation. It melds better into the skin that way and less product is wasted. I have applied with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush but I think too much product gets soaked up and lost in the bristles. The product also comes with a thin, rectangular sponge but I have never used it. I'm guessing this would apply beautifully with the Beauty Blender due to the thin texture, but I do not own one to know for sure.


Coverage is controllable. You can apply a thin layer for something very light or you can add more for heavier coverage. It is very lightweight and blends in smoothly so even if you piled on the layers, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Even so, I think this is a more medium coverage foundation since some blemishes I have still need some help with concealer. The finish is matte.


I have worn this during a few different scenarios. Starting with the most extreme: Southern summer heat. I wore this all throughout my Bonnaroo trip back in June which took place in Tennessee. I found this protected against the sun really great since I never saw damage or got sunburned on my face. However, I did sweat profusely during the insane heat and when I gently pressed the sweat off, I noticed it transferred. But the overall coverage stuck around on my face.

The next scenario is less extreme but still has some hardiness: Midwestern summer day at the beach. I spoke a little bit about this in my beach day post, but I'll give another basic rundown. I wore this for a beach day and did not notice any transferring. I also swam with this on and it still stuck around, albeit with some expected fading. I did not get sunburned wearing this.


Finally, the mildest scenario: a normal Midwestern summer day. I find this stays matte until around the 4 hour mark on my oily skin. Once I blot, my makeup still looks fresh and the same as when I first applied it. This foundation does not budge, even when worn all day. Removal with an oil cleanser is recommended in the packaging of this product and I agree. If you don't use an oil cleanser, a really thorough one will be needed to get everything off. Plus due to the high SPF, you should be more thorough in your removal regardless.


This foundation retails for $35 USD. I purchased mine at Macy's. The shade I got matched to was SP-50 which is the third darkest in the line. I purchased this early in this summer so now it is a bit too light for me. I think the shade range for this foundation is terrible. There are 7 measly shades and they cater to the light and cool skinned.

So do I like this foundation? I think it is decent. It applies and blends in the skin very easily which I appreciate. I like the control of the coverage and how lightweight the formula is. I do not like matte finish foundations which this unfortunately is. Sometimes I don't even powder because it doesn't need it. But I do think it protects excellently against the sun and incorporates the SPF into the formula well which was the main reason why I bought it. I was also disappointed in its lack of oil control since I got pretty shiny around the 4 hour mark. There is also a limited amount of shades.

I WOULD recommend this foundation IF:

+ You have normal to dry skin. Or if you are oily yet don't mind blotting frequently
+ You are looking for a foundation with great sun protection
+ You prefer a matte finish
+ You live in a moderately hot territory and want something water/sweat resistant

I WOULD NOT recommend this foundation IF:

+ You have oily skin
+ You prefer a dewy or satin finish
+ You live in insane, sweaty weather.

As for the rest of my face:

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EYES: Burberry Pale Barley, Smashbox Filter Trio, L'Oreal Lineur Intense, Urban Decay Zero on waterline, Prestige My Blackest Lashes

LIPS: Clinique Mega Melon Chubby Stick

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