Wednesday, August 14, 2013

just bitten

The literal lip STICK has become quite the trend in the beauty world, right behind sheer lip colors/lip butters. I would guess Clinique paved the way having the Chubby Stick Balms and later the Intense version. Now Tarte, NARS, Bourjois, and Revlon (to name a few) all have produced their own take on the trendy pencil shaped lip product.


Revlon's version is a neat one: a balm that also acts as a stain, aptly named as the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Quite genius actually since it combines both the sheer lip color and chubby stick trends while adding its own twist by being a stain. I don't have much experience when it comes to lip stains besides the YSL Glossy Stains but the overall idea is very appealing. Who wouldn't like budge proof color that is low maintenance (little smearing or touch up required)?

I had a gift card to use up at Target a couple months back and at the time I had these colorful sticks on the brain. Dangerous combination since I ended up checking out with two of Revlon's trendy hybrids in hand instead of using it on practical things, like toilet paper and toothpaste (who needs those things anyway?)


The Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms come in a twist up chubby pencil applicator. The texture is firm but not waxy. Application is a breeze, it slicks on easily with no tugging. They have a minty scent to them which dissipates moments after application. The color is not creamy but the pigmentation does not disappoint. The finish is shiny, as you would expect a balm would be.


The first shade that I knew for certain I wanted to try was Rendezvous. I saw this on Tiffany and Essie and it looked so bright and fun on them. The color is a soft tangerine. On me I don't find it to lean coral or red at all. It is a straight up clean orange, which I don't mind. The finish isn't as shiny or balmy as the other color I picked up (something you can notice when comparing the photos) which I found disappointing. I still enjoy the color and received a few compliments when I first wore it out and about.


The color sticks around even with light eating and drinking. I found this to be remarkable since even the YSL Glossy Stains don't manage to do this. The color fades somewhat evenly so the stain left behind is quite decent. Not perfect, but I wouldn't expect that.


The second color I chose had me pacing back in forth in the Target aisle. I was trying to decide between the vampy Adore or the cheery Romantic. After 20 minutes of Google research on swatches, I ended up picking the latter since it seemed more appropriate with the current season. Romantic is a beautiful cherry red. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the color. I prefer it over Rendezvous. It has a better finish and the color is fresher.


I think "romantic" is the perfect name for this shade. It reminds me of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty while she is in her enchanted sleepy state. It makes my lips look plump and youthful. The color of the stain is also something to be impressed with. Just bitten indeed.


I like almost everything about these balms BUT I do have a complaint. I find these to be quite drying. Initial application is nice and balmy but after an hour or so my lips feel parched. They don't look it since the finish is shiny, but once the balm wears away and the stain is left, the dryness is apparent. Though the stain left behind is decently even, my lips feel zapped of moisture. This can be remedied by adding some lip balm of course, but it still is a bit disappointing. I suppose that is the nature of stains.

I think these are really something special BUT those prone to dry lips should tread carefully. As a balm they apply beautifully and have great color payoff and as a stain they stick around on the lips evenly. I prefer and recommend the cherry red Romantic over the tangerine Rendezvous since the color and finish is more flattering. The only downside is they can be very drying, which is something I should have expected from a stain product. I am willing to work with the dryness due to the neat hybrid properties and because it can be remedied with an additional balm. I have my eye on Adore next but I don't think I will be picking up any more shades after that.

What is your experience with lip stains? Are they drying in general? I gather that they are since they are taking over the lip skin layer.

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