Tuesday, March 26, 2013

YSL glossy stain #9 rouge laque


Another bold lip color on my blog. You all must think I've gone crazy! Bold lip colors and I aren't a common pairing. But when I come across beautiful colors like this, can you blame me? When it comes to stains I figure the bolder the color the better as so I can make the most of the dual properties of the product.


I really like the formula of the YSL glossy stains. They have this cushiony feeling to them that gives them substance but at the same time doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable. Almost squishy, but in the best possible way. This particular shade is quite rich in pigment but for evenness I still apply two coats. I find the color stays put IF you don't touch your lips (no eating, drinking, or wiping or else the glossiness disappears). The stain left behind can get quite uneven so unless you have some balm on you to smooth things over I wouldn't put any confidence in its ability as a stain on its own. This isn't drying on me but my lips aren't very sensitive to products.


The color is beautiful. When I first applied it I was wowed by the vibrancy. It is one of those red shades that makes you feel glamorous. I was afraid it was going to show up cool on me but lucky for me it leans slightly warm. I am infatuated with warm reds at the moment. Rouge Laque is an online exclusive color. At $34 a pop this definitely isn't a must have, more a luxury or a fun treat to yourself. L'Oreal's version is very comparable, just with tackier packaging and slightly less pigmentation.

What do you think of YSL's glossy stains? I definitely want to try out more shades so I would expect to see another one make its way into my basket during Sephora's April sale...

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