Thursday, March 14, 2013

l'oreal caresse stain in coral tattoo & a drugstore chat


I haven't allowed myself to indulge in any drugstore purchases for quite some time. A few weeks ago I noticed a sale going on at my local store which led me to pick up a few items. Justified, right? ;) One of the items is a favorite and repurchase while the others are new and have been on my mind lately.

This is my favorite drugstore liquid liner; I have repurchased it countless times. It dries quickly, doesn't fade, applies easily, and is super black (A MUST). I have tried Revlon's liquid liner and am not a fan. It always faded away in my inner corners. I also swatched Lancome's famous art liner and was appalled at how the black was not intense at all, unless it was just that particular tester. I haven't tried out Maybelline's Stiletto liquid liner either. I feel like this L'OREAL liner is one of those products that I abide by the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I think the only other liquid liner I would be willing to try is Illamasqua's precision ink. For now I'll happily stick with this cheap and functional guy.

I resisted in buying this many many times. Its description plus the fact that it was a shiny new product made it appealing to me. I will dedicate a full review post on this after testing it out to its full potential. I have worn it a few times and am torn on what I think of it. I will let you all know my final thoughts.

I originally wasn't interested in picking any of these up. These are the more affordable version of the YSL glossy stains. Usually I like to support the original idea rather than the the budget version but after seeing a few shades on Jenny I had to check them out.


This product is VERY impressive. I went into trying this with no expectations and was blown away by how nice it actually is. The formula is almost identical to the YSL counterpart. YSL is slightly more intense in pigmentation and the scent is different. This L'OREAL version is very comfortable to wear and doesn't settle into lip lines. It has this cushiony feeling and look to it that is very pleasant. It lasts long IF you don't eat, drink, touch it, etc. The stain left behind afterwards is a bit patchy. This doesn't bother me since the YSL versions I own does this as well. I prefer the glossy look anyway.


Unfortunately it seems like there are different shades available depending on which country you live in which is very annoying. I really like the shade I picked, it is brightening but isn't too loud to the point where I feel uncomfortable wearing it in public. I definitely want to pick up another shade or two. If you have been considering trying these out I fully recommend them.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Only one more day until the weekend :)

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