Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a few thoughts on avene's soothing moisture mask


My obsession with masks is still at its peak and I don't know when it will wear off. I bought this Avene Soothing Moisture Mask late last year when I was having my dry skin episode, something that seems to happen annually when the weather starts to become colder. When I finally received it, my skin had already normalized out (thanks Boscia cleansing oil!) so I haven't tested this mask out during my parched skin phase. Since I was curious and couldn't wait for my skin to be dry to test it out, I used this a couple times while my skin was its normal oily self to see how my skin would feel. With that back story being said, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about this mask.

This is the strangest mask I have used yet since it has a no-rinse formula. You apply a thick layer to your skin, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and by then most of the product has sunk into the skin. If there is any product left on the face it is recommended to wipe off the excess.


I wanted to note that the second highest ingredient is mineral oil, for those who are concerned. I haven't done enough research on the matter so as of now I am neutral about that.

Speaking from an oily skinned lady's perspective, this is an unnecessary product to add to the routine. After using this I was expecting supple and soft skin but unfortunately my skin just felt greasy. BUT, I do think this is meant more as an intensive treatment product. It states on the box, "specific care for dehydrated and/or sensitive skin which has become reactive (redness, tightness, and stinging)." I plan to try using this again during my dry spell (beginning of next winter) to see if it has any effect at all since my skin is pretty stubborn and refuses to accept any moisture around that time. I will revisit this product again during that time and let you all know how it goes.

Bottom line: if you have dry skin or are experiencing bouts of tightness/redness/irritation this might be worth testing out. I know I will be giving it another go this winter when my skin is being troublesome. If you are oily or have normal skin all year round, skip out on this since all you will feel is a layer of residue. Also if you are not a fan of mineral oil, you will want to look elsewhere since this has a pretty high content of it.

Have you tried this mask before? If you have I'd love to hear your thoughts and what your skin type is.

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