Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cargo blush: key largo

i have always had cargo key largo on my list to get. can you blame me? the color is eye catching and bold. but i must admit it is another shade that beginners must tread with caution.


key largo is a matte watermelon pink. when i look at the color in the pan it reminds me of fruit punch for some reason! funnily enough, cargo describes key largo as a tropical punch. it is bright and gorgeous, however, out of all my cargo shades this is the least fool proof. i have to be careful not to over apply the product as a little goes a long way. i like to use mac 129 for application.


as i mentioned above, this shade is the least fool proof but not because of the texture, it is more due to the color. blending out the product is easy and the powder is fine so it doesn't go on blotchy.

cargokeylargo mac salsa rose on left, cargo key largo on right.

one of the main reasons i had my sights set on key largo was because the color is unique to my collection. the closest shade i have to compare it to is mac salsa rose, which is darker.


i adore key largo. i noticed i tend to pair it with when i am wearing black clothing (with the exception of this picture :P) since the lack of color in my outfit really puts the focal point to my cheeks. a light hand and some careful application is needed so if you are strictly a swirl and go kind of blush wearer, i wouldnt advise this shade. however it is such a unique and pretty color that i urge everyone to at least check it out! it gives such a pretty romantic flush.

what do you think of key largo? four blushes down, three more to go. until next time when i talk about cargo lyon...

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