Friday, September 14, 2012

cargo blush: laguna


cargo laguna looks very bright and shocking in the pan. i can see why at first glance most would be intimidated. but with the right brush and application, laguna can be quite subtle and very pretty.

laguna is a bright matte orange. think cheeto orange. erm, ok maybe not the best comparison. regardless, this definitely can be worn sheer or with more intensity depending on your taste. i prefer to wear laguna on the sheer side to give a nice peach color. although some of you might cringe at a blush that is orange in color (are you thinking of oompa loompas?) laguna is very flattering. i love how not much product is needed for my desired effect.


cargo's standard: very soft and finely milled. this one can be a bit tricky and isnt as fool proof like the big easy due to the high pigmentation so any beginners in blush might want to tread with caution and practice. i like to work in light brush strokes and in layers, building up the intensity. if ever i go overboard and apply too much, it is very easy to buff away back to a natural finish.

cargolagunafrom left to right: rock and republic all nighter, cargo laguna, rock and republic immoral

these are all very similar in color. immoral and laguna are practically dupes but if i am being picky laguna is a bit more muted compared to immoral and immoral leans a LITTLE more red. all nighter is similar in color but has shimmer in it. if you were sad on missing out on rock and republic's immoral, laguna is pretty darn close.


if you are new to blush or dont have time to apply blush carefully this may not be the blush for you. if you like vibrant colors that show up with little effort or just like peachy shades you should check laguna out. i personally love laguna. i reach for it most often when i wear cream shirts and warm brown eye looks. it gives such a nice peach color without having to use much product. this tin will last me a lifetime. cant beat cargo's texture either.

what do you think of laguna? are you intimidated by bright orange? until next time where i will talk about cargo's key largo...

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