Thursday, September 6, 2012

cargo blush collection sneak peek


recently i picked up a few shades of cargo blush from sephora in jcpenney as currently cargo is on sale there. my guess is they are liquidating cargo in the jcpenney sephora stores just like they did a couple years ago with the online store. i happened to stumble in and noticed all the blush shades were $8. amazing deal as they normally retail for $29 so if you are near a store, run and take advantage of the deal!

i have talked about cargo blush before on my blog, though it has been a while. actually the first beauty post i did on this blog (yikes, throwback!) was about cargo blush! since i added more to my collection and because i think im due for an updated post on my cargo blush collection, i will be doing individual posts for each blush i have. i will end with a roundup of the entire collection so hopefully this will be helpful for those thinking about purchasing a shade.

hope you all are healthy and doing well. until next time...

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