Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cargo blush: mendocino

i have had cargo mendocino for about almost three years now. i purchased this shade online from sephora when they used to sell cargo products. it is one of my favorite berry shades in my collection.


mendocino is a sparkling berry pink shade. it has a beautiful gold sheen which is my personal favorite touch to blushes as it adds such dimension and flatters the skin. it appears much darker in the pan than how it wears on the face and in swatches. i can see this suiting all skin tones. i reach for this shade most often in the fall. im not sure why, it must be the slightly plummy tone of the color.


again, standard cargo quality: smooth and buttery. there is a gold sheen but the particles are very fine and arent harsh on the skin. it imparts a nice glow to the face without being obvious. it blends easily and requires no harsh buffing.

from left to right: nars mounia, cargo lyon, cargo mendocino, nars crazed, nars sin

these are all the plum/berry shades i have in my collection. quite a variety! mendocino is definitely the lightest and appears very pink rather than plum compared to the rest. mounia isnt comparable since it is so red/cinnamon. lyon is matte and a rather muted rosey berry. crazed isnt comparable as well since it is a much more vibrant and darker pink. sin has much more purple in it but it is similar in the fact that they both have that beautiful gold sheen i love. sin is one of my favorites (more on that in another future post im sure)



mendocino is a beautiful shade that is unique and flattering due to its gold sheen. it is one of my favorite blushes for fall. i cant think of any reason why this shade wouldnt suit anyone, it is a non offensive shade that is easy to wear and apply. if you have nothing similar i highly recommend it, it looks especially good with taupe eye shadow.

what do you think of mendocino? it isnt a shade that is known very well in the blogging world. until next post where i will talk about cargo's laguna...

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