Monday, October 8, 2012

let's talk skincare...


i thought i would take a little break from my cargo blush collection posts (i will finish, do not fret) to talk about my current skincare and a few thoughts on the products. for reference, my skin type is mostly oily but during the colder seasons it tends to get dehydrated. it is also prone to slight breakouts.

i bought the normal version, there is also a sensitive version as well. in short, i do not like this cleanser. it smells like chemicals, it doesnt clean thoroughly enough, and worst of all it broke me out. the only merits i can attest to this cleanser is that it is gentle and it does not over strip my skin. i dont understand the following this cleanser has since i think other brands have much better offerings if gentle cleansing is what you are looking for.

MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION(aka the extremely faded and unidentifiable small bottle)
i have had this for quite some time. when i first bought this it worked great on all types of blemishes but sadly this is one of those products that if i use it frequently my skin gets used to it and it wont be as potent. my skin now only responds to this on more cystic acne rather than whiteheads or blackheads. i tried using this on the breakouts on my chin and to vacuum out my pores on my nose but it had absolutely no effect. i did have a small cyst on my forehead recently and this helped shrink it down. the smell is quite strong, a potent alcohol, so be cautious if that is bothersome to you.

i must admit i was pretty skeptical of this contraption when i bought it. but i do enjoy it. im not sure if i believe it is a miracle worker, but i do feel like my cleansing routine has improved immensely. i love using this with foaming cleansers.

holy grail for me. i really tried to live without this to see if it was even making a difference to my skin and boy i am paying for it. without using this my chin and nose are so congested and if i breakout nothing makes it go away as fast as when i use this. it is so great at preventing future spots and for making current ones disappear on me. i must have this at all times or else my skin goes berserk.

recently bought this and i am really loving it. it cleans so thoroughly and you need less than a pea size to get a rich lathering foam. it smells very pleasant, like cotton. the only thing i have a problem with is it gives my skin that squeaky clean almost over stripped feeling. i think my skin can only handle using this once a day and in the winter i know for certain i will need a richer moisturizer to compensate. but i think its clarifying properties surpass this con; my skin feels purged of all the crap that accumulates on my skin throughout the day after using this.

i picked up a few bits and bobs in new york recently, ill be sure to share it with you all in an upcoming post. what skincare products are you enjoying lately? i'd love to hear your input, skincare is such a fun topic for discussion.

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