Tuesday, October 9, 2012

cargo blush: lyon

cargo lyon was one of the first shades i picked up and added to my collection. i must admit that when i first bought it, i did so blindly online. sephora was liquidating all of cargo's products and this was one of the only shades left in stock so i bought it on a whim. luckily lyon ended up being a shade i truly enjoy to wear.


lyon is a matte muted rosy plum. in the pan it looks much darker than how it wears on my skin. the color is such a soft rosy shade so it is very easy to wear. you don't need much product to make it show up, i have been using this shade since i first started blogging (over 2 years) and it doesn't even have a slight dip in the pan!


no different than the rest of cargo's line: very soft and easy to blend. even being a darker shade than what most are used to, lyon is surprisingly easy to apply. i dont have to be careful when i apply this shade.

from left to right: nars mounia, cargo lyon, cargo mendocino, nars crazed, nars sin.

lyon is a much more muted color compared to the rest of my brighter berry family of blushes. it is definitely a red based plum. it is quite rosy despite being such a soft shade. it is very flattering.


lyon is a shade i reach for most often in the fall. i tend to love wearing it with plummy or grey eye looks as well as black clothing. i recently went to new york for over a week and i wore this shade the entire trip! i couldnt stop wearing it, it was so flattering for this time of year and it went with most of my outfits. i think this shade would flatter all skin tones as it is pigmented enough for deep tones and soft enough of a color for pale tones. if you love matte shades and are looking for a flattering fall blush shade with great texture, lyon is a great fit.

until next time when i talk about cargo tonga...

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