Thursday, October 18, 2012

facial sprays

i have noticed a little trend within my beauty stash; facial sprays. i seem to have accumulated a variety of bottles, all with different purposes and promises. i have only been using sprays for about a year but they are addicting! something about a quick mist to the face is so refreshing. here is a breakdown of what i have and my thoughts on each product.


i am about finished with this. this is nice. refreshing and didn't break me out. i don't think it really had any rehydrating properties so if that is what you are looking for i wouldn't recommend it. it is nice as a makeup setting spray though. i don't plan to repurchase, only because i want to try out other products.

i picked this up in new york, mostly out of curiosity. i am a bit of a skeptic with this since it is literally just spring water in a bottle. it is refreshing, but other than that, are there any benefits from this? anyone who loves this i'd love to hear your reasoning. not that i don't like it, but it's just...water.

make sure you read the bottle directions, as i didn't in the beginning and i didn't understand why it wasn't working well. you must spray your face before AND after makeup application for the true effect. this was nice to use during the summer months when my skin is extra oily. i haven't been reaching for it lately as my skin has gone into dry mode due to the cold weather change.

i also bought this in new york and have only used it once so i can't give any concrete opinions on it. i was going to get the small bottle but i figured it was a better deal to just suck it up and buy the huge one.

so far i like all of my choices, for different reasons and occasions. once i am done with TBS spray i might replace it with a more hydrating version by skindinavia. i think setting sprays aren't a necessary product but they are fun and a luxury for the face :)

what sprays have you tried and enjoyed?

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