Wednesday, October 10, 2012

008 items i'm lusting over

oct 12 wishlist

i must say, this current wishlist i have surprises me because most of what i have been lusting over is lip products. i admit out of all my makeup items, lip items are the number one product i neglect the most. but lately i have been lusting like mad over lipsticks. not just any lipsticks...but bold lipsticks! unheard of! i have been gravitating to the same two color families: deep vampy plums and orange based reds.

for deep plums: tom ford private blend lipstick in black orchid, burberry blueberry lip mist, and ysl glossy stain #1. black orchid looks so luxurious and so perfect to wear in multiple ways (stain, full on, with gloss). i absolutely love burberry's lip mist formula making blueberry all the more desirable. as for ysl glossy stains, i am intrigued by the concept and the color looks so amazing.

as for orangey reds, tom ford wild ginger and nars heat wave caught my eye. something about the fiery bright shade really makes me happy. and i envision wearing it with all black clothing and dark sunglasses. i have tried on nars heat wave and i really liked how it looked on.

wearing nars heat wave
as for the rest of my lusted after items, i have been really interested in skincare. i desperately want to try out dermalogica's mild cream exfoliant as i hear its effect on the skin is amazing. i also have been wanting to try dr. brandt's vacuum cleaner as i am curious to see if it would help with the pesky pores on my nose and inner cheeks.

there are also a few things i want to pick up during the sephora sale (clarisonic brush heads, murad t-zone refining gel, dior black-tie plum addict gloss) but i am unsure of what my final decisions will end up being. so much to choose from!

what is on your current wishlist?

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